Historic Klamath Photos

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Portrait of Miss Hallie M. Daggett, first woman Forest Service lookout. Hallie M. Daggett and her pack horse ready to leave the Eddy Gulch Station in the fall. Hallie M. Daggett plays with her dog at Eddy Gulch Station. Portrait of Miss Hallie M. Daggett, first woman fire lookout employed by the US Forest Service Six men at table with waiter standing by and Christmas decorations Two men moving logs through sawmill with open sides and roof Tom Bigelow in drivers seat in a car owned by FB Ackerman in front of Sawyers Bar Hotel. Long open front building Three men standing in front of white building Five men on horseback and one standing in front of building Looking down into a valley with several buildings Clive Berry, Forest Service worker at Tom Taylor's cabin with fish from Hancock Lake Several men, dogs and horses in front of tent Two men with horses, dogs and rifles in front of cabin. Two men in front of tent with table and cooking gear Several bear, bobcat and racoon pelts hang on side of a house and fence

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