Working on the Modoc

Photo Gallery

Firefighters train and check out the fire engine early in the season. The archeologist works with volunteers to survey an ancient Native American site. A firefighter spends the day at a local fair manning a booth to inform the public about fire safety Forest Supervisor and the Warner Mountain District Ranger walk in the Alturas 4th of July Parade. Smokey Bear works on a perscribed fire using a drip torch to light a controlled fire. A forest visitor is greeted by a friendly Modoc employee. A Modoc Law Enforcement Officer poses with a goat who helped pack out marijuana from the wilderness. An employee plants trees after a fire. Firefighters charge one hose off the engine and begin to lay another. A dispatcher sits in front of several computer screens and a microphone. A forest biologist checks the hay he fed the wild horses in the gathering pens. An employee leads a string of mules up the trail of yellow wildflowers and into the back country. An employee briefs a group of goat owners for a special volunteer project and gets sniffed by a goat Firefighters ride in Engine 56 with windows down during a parade. 15 children crowd around a fire fighter while he shows them the equipment on his engine. The recreation officer gives a Youth Conservation Corps team instruction in creating a log bridge.

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