Photo Tour of the Modoc National Forest

Photo Gallery

Mill Creek with trees and a log across it. A huge pink and white ash column rises up like a 4 story building. Blue Sky and snow covered hills surround Blue Lake. A sandhill crane walks through tall grass. The spiked larkspur is a blue iris- like wildflower. Two men weigh a tube full of snow to determine water content. The BLM rounds up excess wild horses and holds them in portable corrals. A mother and child care for their 2 dogs at their campsite. Storm clouds build behind Ash Creek meadow near Ash Creek Campground. A beautiful white flower with many petals. A barren trail winds along the top of the crest with great views on each side. A dead Juniper creates an artistic, twisted design in wood. A class of school kids visit the Forest Service Office and meet Smokey Bear. Antelope stare at the camera. Building front at Candby Work Center. A blue Stellar's Jay grabs a pine nut at the Willow Creek parking lot.

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