Historic Photos of Modoc Lookouts & Guard Stations

Photo Gallery

Historic Photo of Sugar Hill Lookout on it's steel tower. Round Mountain after a new green paint job. A clean modern lookout building now serves Happy Camp Mountain. Tiny old building with a Model T out in front. Glass windows surround a small wood building on top of a peak. A current color photo of the metal tower at Blue Mountain. Two men stand by an American flag flying above a small platform in a tree lookout. A man stands on the landing high up in a modern steel constructed lookout tower. A man has his picture taken hanging a Camp Fire Permit sign in front of a Forest Service Guard Stati A group of people smile for the camera in front of an old wooden lookout in the 1920's. A man stands on a small platform at the top of a leaning Ponderosa pine tree. Man on pole strings wire with man on the ground looking on. A panorama view of the forest from the Round Mountain Lookout A historical photo of Round Mountain Lookout. The glass enclosed lookout at Happy Camp sits atop a tall peak. An American flag waves from the narrow poorch around the Happy Camp Lookout