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An August morning at Rainbow Lake in the Selway Crags A blanket of sparkly white snow covers trees and mountains at the Lolo Pass Visitor Center Photo of an alpine lake peacefully nestled within the mountains and hills of the Magruder Corridor. View from the Palouse Divide into the mountains: a snow-laden landscape, covered in crystals of ice. A large group of snowmobilers gathered at Lolo Pass on a wintry afternoon. A wooden bridge on the Lewis & Clark Historic Trail crosses a stream near Maggie Creek. The magnificent Split Creek pack bridge crosses Idaho's Lochsa river. Large rocks on the river in the shape of a facial profile Photo of a large bridge crossing the river on the Elk River Scenic Highway Still water with lily pads, other vegetation and fallen trees. Close up of lily pads with flowers Snow-covered mountain peaks from a distance Tree skeleton on a rocky slope with brightly colored brush scattered around it. Silhouette of a lookout tower against a firey-colored background Close up of light-colored mushrooms

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