Plumas Pollinators

Photo Gallery

Answering various questions about pollinators in the forest Caterpillar in hand Courtney Rowe explains the relationship between pollinators and plants A closer look at a pollin source Explaining the black light trap used to collect moths for study (yes! they are pollinators too!). Laurence Crabtree and Courtney Rowe (both of PNF) identify a "find" while Lore Simpson looks on. Following the winding path in search of pollinators Demonstrating the proper use of the net before the walk Armed and ready for the hike Spotting pollinators along the trail Courtney showing how to reference a discovery A happy surprise as another pollinator lands on a small arm On the ground learning with Botanist Courtney Rowe, Plumas National Forest Putting heads together for different perspectives Engrossed in pollinator Crabtree demonstrates how a canvas

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