Crowley Lake Watershed Grazing Allotment Analysis

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As the Responsible Official, District Ranger Jon Regelbrugge signed a Decision Notice (DN) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) on July 20, 2009, selecting Alternative 2, Modified Proposed Action. The selected alternative authorizes grazing on the Alpers Canyon, Antelope, Casa Diablo, Clark Canyon, Clover Patch, Hot Creek, Long Valley, Rock Creek, Tobacco Flat, Turner, and Watterson Allotments; and closes the McGee Allotment to livestock grazing. The selected alternative establishes new utilization levels based on vegetation and watershed conditions per Inyo National Forest LRMP Amendment 6 standards. In addition, there are specific actions that are designed to improve hydrologic conditions, maintain or improve habitat conditions and minimize potential for disturbance to wildlife and fish species, reduce spread and control of noxious weed infestations, and protect heritage resources.

Location Summary

Grazing Allotments around Long Valley including Alpers Cyn, Antelope, Casa Diablo, Clark Cyn, Clover Patch, Hot Crk, Long Vly, McGee, Rock Crk, Tobacco Flt, Turner, Watterson Cyn, and Wilfred Crk

Districts: Mono Ranger District, Mammoth Ranger District, White Mountain Ranger District

Project Documents