Nez Perce-Clearwater NF Travel Plan and OHV Rule Implementation

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A Supplemental EIS is being prepared in response to a lawsuit filed in December 2013. Judge Lodge remanded the Travel Plan, FEIS, and ROD for re-evaluation consistent with his decision. The SEIS will address Elk Habitat Effectiveness and Minimizing Criteria consistent with Judge Lodge's findings. Additionally, the SEIS will incorporate the Travel Planning Final Record of Decision for Recommended Wilderness Areas (RWAs), signed on October 13, 2017. Judge Lodge did not enjoin the Forest Service from implementing the Travel Plan while the Forest prepared a response to his decision. The selected alternative in the original ROD has been in effect since January 2012.

Location Summary

Travel planning on the Powell, Lochsa, North Fork Ranger Districts and Elk Creek basin of the Palouse Ranger Dsitrict

Districts: Palouse Ranger District, North Fork Ranger District, Lochsa Ranger District

Project Documents