Clear Creek Integrated Project

The Boise National Forest has prepared a supplemental information report (SIR) for the Clear Creek Integrated Project to record the new information and changed circumstances that occurred during implementation in 2014 and documents Forest Supervisor Seesholtz?s conclusions as to whether these changes would result in effects not previously disclosed in the NEPA documentation. The SIR is not a NEPA document and, therefore, cannot be used to fulfill the requirements for a revised or supplemental environmental assessment (EA). This SIR simply documents, for the project record, the interdisciplinary teams review and my determination as to whether a correction, supplement, or revision of environmental documents is necessary (i.e. Environmental Assessment (EA) and/or DN/FONSI). Forest Supervisor Seesholtz concluded that that a supplement or revision to the 2013 EA and/or DN/FONSI is not necessary and implementation of this project may continue.

Location Summary

Lower Clear Creek subwatershed, immediately north of Lowman , ID

District: Lowman Ranger District

Project Documents

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