Island Park OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Trails Project

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Proposes to designate ~37 mi of trail to connect OHV users to the Forest Trans Sys; ~394 acs at West End would be open to x-country OHV travel; ~15 mi of Forest Rds would be decommisioned; & 77 mi of user-created trail would be closed & rehabilitated

Project Information

Expected Analysis Type
Environmental Assessment

Special Authority
Not applicable / Other

Lead Management Unit
Ashton-Island Park Ranger District

Notice and Comment Regulation
218 (2013) Non-HFRA

Project Purpose
Recreation management; Recreation management

Project Activity
Road decommissioning; Plan amendment; Trail management; Travel management

Project Status

Current Status
Analysis Completed

Project Milestones
All planning milestones have been completed.

Project Decision Information

Island Park OHV Trails

Decision Signed Date

Last Updated: 07/11/2014