Pinecrest Campgrounds

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Improvements at Pinecrest and Meadowview Campgrounds including rehabilitation of the adjacent Shadow of the Me-Wuk Trail and a forest plan amendment addressing use of an adjacent parking lot.

Location Summary

Pinecrest Campground on Pinecrest Lake Road and Meadowview Campground on Dodge Ridge Road

District: Summit Ranger District

Project Documents

  • Date Published


    • 05-06-2016

      Scoping Cover Letter (05-04-2016) (PDF 449kb)
      Letter from the Forest Supervisor requesting specific written comments during the initial 30-day designated opportunity for public participation from May 9, 2016 through June 9, 2016.

    • 05-06-2016

      Scoping Package (05-04-2016) (PDF 680kb)
      The scoping package provides details about the purpose and need, proposed action, how to comment and other related information.

    • 05-06-2016

      Scoping Map Package (05-04-2016) (PDF 961kb)
      Package of five figures (11"x17") showing proposed actions described in the scoping notice.