Middle Greys Motorized Travel

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Improve management of motor vehicle use within the Middle Greys River area by designing a system that provides quality trail riding opportunities while also reducing resource impacts and encouraging citizen stewardship to maintain the system. Draft decision available

Location Summary

West of the Greys River Rd. on the east slope of the Salt River Range from Meadow Ck. on the north to South Three Forks on the south.

District: Greys River Ranger District

Project Documents

  • Date Published


    • 12-09-2015

      Middle Greys Travel Scoping (PDF 1150kb)
      To ensure eligibility to file an objection to the draft decision, comments must be received within 30 days of publication of the legal notice announcing the comment period.

    • 01-21-2016

      LegalNoticeAffidavit (PDF 1743kb)
      Published 1/2/2016; comments due 2/1/2016