Berlaimont Estates Road Improvement Project

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Proposal to grant an easement to Berlaimont Estates LLC to improve and maintain National Forest System Roads in support of the desired development of their property ? a 680-acre private inholding entirely surrounded by National Forest lands. Currently, the property may be accessed by existing National Forest System Roads (NFSR) 774 and 780. The Proposed Action would authorize Berlaimont to improve those existing segments of NFSR 774 and 780 as they lead up to the southeastern corner of the Berlaimont property from local public roads in Edwards. The range of alternatives to be considered will likely include an additional road segment continuing to the northern portion of the Berlaimont property or other alternatives for access to the upper portion of the property. Potential Road improvements will be evaluated [The development proposal on the private land is not part of this analysis. Private land development falls within the jurisdiction of Eagle County.]

Location Summary

Located north of Interstate 70 in the vicinity of Edwards, Colorado. accessed by National Forest System Roads (NFSR) 774 and 780.

Districts: East Zone/Eagle Ranger District, East Zone/Holy Cross Ranger District

Project Documents