Crystal Clear Restoration (CCR)

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The purpose of the Crystal Clear Restoration Project is to provide forest products where there is an opportunity to restore resiliency to forested areas and reduce the risk of high-intensity wildfire behavior. An objection period for this project was first initiated with a legal notice published in The Oregonian on February 7, 2018. However, that objection period has been cancelled. A new objection period has started on February 16, 2018, due to several corrections and updates that have been made to the environmental assessment. No changes have been made to the draft decision notice. The re-start date of February 16 provides the date by which the end of the objection-filing period will be calculated.

Location Summary

The CCR planning area is located at the southern end of both the Barlow and Hood River Ranger Districts, and includes parts of the White River and other watersheds in the Lower Deschutes sub-basin.

District: Barlow Ranger District

Project Documents