South Pioneer Fire Salvage and Reforestation Project

Forest Supervisor Seesholtz signed the decision for the South Pioneer Fire Salvage and Reforestation Project on July 10, 2017. This project will mitigate threats from hazard trees, salvage merchantable dead or dying trees, decommission unauthorized routes causing resource damage, and plant tree seedlings in portions of the 2016 Pioneer Fire area. An emergency situation determination (ESD) pursuant to 36 CFR 218.21 was granted by the Chief of the Forest Service for this project on May 31, 2017. When it is determined that an emergency situation exists with respects to all or part of the proposed project or activity, the proposed action shall not be subject to the pre-decisional objection process and implementation may proceed immediately after notification that a decision has been made (36 CFR 218.21(d)(1)).

Location Summary

Project is located in the southern portion of the 2016 Pioneer Fire Area within the North and Middle Forks Boise River 4th Field HUC (#1705011)

District: Idaho City Ranger District

Project Documents

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