Lick Creek C & H Allotment Range Improvements Maintenance

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The purpose of this project is to repair, rebuild and improve eleven ponds on the Lick Creek C&H Allotment. This project will provide clean, reliable water for livestock which will improve livestock distribution and riparian habitat.

Location Summary

SWSW sec25 T19NR3W;NWSW sec24 T19NR3W;SWNE se24 T19NR3W;NWNW se25 T19NR3W;SWSW se9 T19NR3W;NENE sec6 T19NR3W;NWSW sec32 T20NR3W;SENE se5 T19NR3W;NWSW sec33 T20NR3W;SWNW se33 T20NR3W;SESW sec28 T20NR3W

District: Council Ranger District

Project Documents