2020 Thunder Basin National Grassland Plan Amendment

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The Forest Service has proposed to amend prairie dog management direction in the Thunder Basin National Grassland land and resource management plan to allow for greater management flexibility and responsiveness and to address concerns related to health, safety, and economic impacts on neighboring landowners. A notice of intent to publish an environmental impact statement was published in the Federal Register on April 18, 2019, and a 30-day public scoping and comment period concluded May 20, 2019. The draft environmental impact statement is expected to be available with a 90-day public comment period in October 2019. The full Thunder Basin National Grassland land and resource management plan and supporting documents, including the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Conservation Assessment and Management Strategy, are posted under Supporting Documents. Maps are available under Scoping.

Location Summary

This plan amendment will focus on prairie dog management and could change management across the Thunder Basin National Grassland.

District: Douglas and Thunder Basin Ranger District

Project Documents