Grassland Enhancement Project

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Plant native warm season grasses and pollinator mix on up to 450 acres of grasslands over a 15-year period using activities such as prescribe burning, herbicide (glyphosate product), no-till equipment and mowing.

Location Summary

Towns of Hector, Lodi, and Covert

District: Hector Ranger District

Project Documents

  • Date Published


    • 11-19-2019

      Legal Notice (PDF 180kb)
      Legal Notice published in newspaper of record dated November 19, 2019.

    • 11-19-2019

      Scoping Letter (PDF 480kb)
      Letter dated November 19, 2019 from District Ranger, Jodie Vanselow, inviting public comments during the comment period ending December 20, 2019. Includes direction for how to submit comments.

    • 11-19-2019

      Scoping Information (PDF 350kb)
      Detailed information regarding the proposed action.

    • 11-19-2019

      Project Map (PDF 756kb)
      Map of the project area