Two-Bit Road Decommissioning

The Cascade Ranger District is proposing to decommission approximately 18 miles of non-system routes in the Six-bit Creek and Curtis Creek subwatersheds, part of the South Fork Salmon River subbasin.

Project Information

Expected Analysis Type
Decision Memo

Categorical Exclusion
Restore, rehabilitate, or stabilize lands occupied by roads and trails(Road and trail rehablitation)

Special Authority
Not applicable / Other

Lead Management Unit
Cascade Ranger District

Notice and Comment Regulation
Not Subject to Regulations

Project Purpose
Watershed management; Wildlife, Fish, Rare plants

Project Activity
Road decommissioning; Watershed improvements

Project Status

Current Status
Analysis Completed

Project Milestones
All planning milestones have been completed.

Project Decision Information

Two-Bit Road Decommissioning

Decision Signed Date

Last Updated: 06/24/2020