Cranston Fire Reforestation

Replanting of conifers in areas that were previously forested prior to the 2018 Cranston Fire.

Project Information

Expected Analysis Type
Decision Memo

Categorical Exclusion
Regeneration of an area to native tree species, including site preparation which does not involve the use of herbicides or result in vegetation type conversion.

Categorical Exclusion
Timber stand and/or wildlife habitat improvement activities which do not include the use of herbicides or do not require more than one mile of low standard road construction (Service Level D, FSH 7709.56)

Special Authority
Not applicable / Other

Lead Management Unit
San Jacinto Ranger District

Notice and Comment Regulation
Not Subject to Regulations

Project Purpose
Vegetation management (other than forest products)

Project Activity
Forest vegetation improvements

Project Status

Current Status
Analysis Completed

Project Milestones
All planning milestones have been completed.

Project Decision Information

Cranston Fire Reforestation

Decision Signed Date

Last Updated: 04/01/2021