Upper Cheat River EA

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This project aims to move the Upper Cheat watershed closer to the Forest Plan desired conditions by improving forest health & age class diversity, improving wildlife habitat, and improving stream/riparian conditions and habitat.

Location Summary

This 86,138-acre project area is located north of Parsons, WV. The area encompasses the National Forest System land within the Upper Cheat watershed.

District: Cheat Ranger District

Project Documents

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  • Date Uploaded


    • 11-10-2020

      News Release - Virtual Open House Sessions (PDF 156kb)
      News release for the virtual open houses to be held for the Upper Cheat River project in December 2020.

    • 11-10-2020

      Virtual Open Houses - How to Join (PDF 185kb)
      Instructions: How to join the virtual open house sessions (Dec. 2, 1-3PM EST and Dec. 3, 6-8P EST)

    • 11-10-2020

      Maps - Vicinity and Exisiting Conditions (PDF 1916kb)
      Vicinity Map, Timber Age Class Map, Terrestrial Habitat Map, Watershed Map

    • 11-27-2020

      Aquatics FAQs (PDF 1287kb)
      FAQ - Aquatic Habitat Enhancement

    • 11-27-2020

      Fire FAQs (PDF 788kb)
      FAQ - Using Fire as a Tool for Wildlife Habitat and Timber Management in the Upper Cheat River project

    • 11-27-2020

      Project FAQs (PDF 157kb)
      FAQ - Upper Cheat River Project

    • 11-27-2020

      Timber FAQs (PDF 1704kb)
      FAQ - Timber Management Activities in the Upper Cheat River project

    • 11-27-2020

      Wildlife FAQs (PDF 687kb)
      FAQ - Wildlife Habitat Enhancement in the Upper Cheat River project

    • 11-30-2020

      UCROpenHouse_ForestPresentation (PDF 7222kb)
      Presentation material for the Dec 2 and Dec 3, 2020 virtual open house sessions. Open this file in Adobe for the fullly accessible version with speaker notes.