Afton Star & Power Line Special Use Permit

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The Town of Afton is proposing to become the entity responsible for the historic Afton Star structure on a hillside above town. They are seeking to install underground power from private property to existing structure, with approximately 1200 linear feet of buried power line. Preferred placement would be to bury using an 850 tracked vibratory cable plow. To minimize ground disturbance the equipment operator would back up the hill in the same line that he would come down with the trench. The powerline would be buried 36 inches, starting at a transformer on a Silver Star cell tower on private property directly west of the Star. The existing cell tower has capacity for the additional connection. While the Star location is within an inventoried roadless area, no prohibited tree-cutting or road-building is proposed for this action. The goal is to rebuild and legitimize authorization for a long-time community landmark currently on land managed by the Forest Service, identifying the Town of Afton as the permit holder. An associated project includes establishing a Forest-system foot trail to the Star and rehabilitation of the existing erosive user-trails from the pull-out. Comments are most helpful if received by April 27, 2021.

Location Summary

Directly east of the Town of Afton on hillslope just north of Swift Creek Canyon.

District: Greys River Ranger District

Project Documents

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