Feather Falls Post-Fire Project

To accomplish restoration, FRRD proposes to abate hazard trees, yard trees, salvage cut, hand-cut-and-pile brush, burn piles, plant trees in the ground, masticate brush, prune, dig fire-lines by hand, and replace and repair recreation facilities.

Project Information

Expected Analysis Type
Decision Memo

Categorical Exclusion
Repair and maintenance of roads, trails, and landline boundaries.

Categorical Exclusion
Post-fire rehabilitation activities not to exceed 4,200 acres (such as tree planting, fence replacement, habitat restoration, heritage site restoration, repair of roads and trails, and repair of damage to minor facilities such as campgrounds) to repair or improve lands unlikely to recover to a management approved condition from wildland fire damage, or to repair or replace minor facilities damaged by fire.

Categorical Exclusion
Salvage of dead and/or dying trees not to exceed 250 acres, requiring no more than 1/2 mile of temporary road construction.

Special Authority
National Fire Plan - Healthy Forests Initiative CE

Lead Management Unit
Feather River Ranger District

Notice and Comment Regulation
Not Subject to Regulations

Project Purpose
Fuels management; Road management; Forest products; Recreation management; Vegetation management (other than forest products)

Project Activity
Biomass; Developed site management; Forest vegetation improvements; Trail management; Noxious weed treatments; Road maintenance; Timber sales (salvage)

Project Status

Current Status
Analysis Completed

Project Decision Information

Feather Falls Salvage Project

Decision Signed Date

Feather Falls Hazard Tree Felling Project

Decision Signed Date

Feather Falls Trail Reconstruction Project

Decision Signed Date

Last Updated: 02/14/2023