Eastside Forest & Habitat Improvement Project

Project proposes to use a mix of prescribed fire and pre-commercial thinning to address forest health and wildlife habitat improvement needs.

The Eastside Forest and Habitat Improvement Project proposes:

  • To use non-commercial thinning (no commercial logging) and prescribed fire to address forest health and wildlife habitat improvement needs.

  • There will be no treatments within areas of mapped lynx habitat as identified by the latest BNF lynx habitat model, or as verified by on the ground habitat typing.

  • No treatments would occur within the grizzly bear May Be Present Area as identified by the latest U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service map, unless treatments in the May Be Present Area are consistent with the screens for the R1 programmatic grizzly bear BA. Examples of treatments consistent with the programmatic screens include activities such as prescribed fire unit prep, ignition and mop-up using hand ignition, hand tools and chainsaws, and off-road equipment operation within 300? of an open road.

    Location Summary

    Project covers most of the "eastside" of the Bitterroot National Forest located east of Highway 93, as well as the entire Sula Ranger District.

    Districts: Stevensville Ranger District, Darby Ranger District, Sula Ranger District

    Project Documents

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