As part of carrying out the mission of the Forest Service, agency resource specialists develop proposals that will enhance or maintain resource values on public lands, as well as generate products. In addition, the public may submit proposals for various uses such as rights-of-way, land exchanges, and recreational events. A necessary part of the planning for these is the environmental analysis and documentation, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and agency direction.

Cherokee National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

Towee TSI

Manual TSI slashdown and leave on approximately 5,600 acres of selected stands. Approximately 239 stands would have non-preferred wildlife trees in the 1-12 inch (229 stands, 5,157 ac)or 1-5 inch (10 stands, 482 ac) DBH range cut and left on site.

Under Analysis

Buffalo Mountain Bike Trails Project

This project proposes the establishment of approximately 5.05 miles of trail that are currently existing on the ground.

Cherry Gap Slashdown Project

Non-commercially thin and prescribe burn approximately 113 acres in Compartment 344.

Childers Creek River Cane Restoration

Currently the area is being treated for NNIS. Once the treated is completed it is proposed to use a combination of mechanical treatments(girdling, felling) and fire to create more favorable habitat conditions for the existing river cane to expand.

Forest Landscape Adaptive Management Environmental Assessment (FLAME Assessment)

The intent of this project is to produce a landscape scale project that would support the use of mechanical, herbicide and prescribed fire treatments in appropriate forest communities, across the entire Cherokee National Forest landscape.

Grindstone Knob RX Burn

Understory maintenance burning to improve habitat conditions for wildlife and reduce hazardous fuels.

Holston Mountain Slashdown Project

This project focuses on moving the stands toward a more open woodland condition, with pockets of mature timber with grassy herbaceous layers, and a mosaic feature of pine/oak regeneration.

Restoration of Dry Forest Communities on the South Zone of the Cherokee National Forest

To implement management actions to restore "departed" plant communities found within "dry" forest types to their ecological potential. A variety of activities may be used such as: prescribed fire, herbicides, and mechanical and manual treatments.

Rich Mountain Prescribed Burning Project

This project is proposing to conduct understory maintenance burning to promote open woodland conditions, create a mixed hardwood/pine system, reduce hazardous fuels, and improve wildlife habitat.

Starr Mountain Outfitter and Guide

Ocoee Horseride LLC submitted a proposal to conduct outfitter and guide service on three trails (NFST 104, 105, and 119) in the Starr Mountain Horse Trail System.

TDEC Ocoee River Sites

Issue a Special Use Permit to TDEC to take over the operations, maintenance and improvement/replacement of USDA Forest Service, Ocoee River Water Access Facilities %u2013 Big Creek Launch, Rogers Branch Launch and Upper Put-In.

Trail of Tears National Historic Trail Remediation

Remediate damage to a 1 mi. portion of the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

White Rocks Mountain Horse Trail Project

This project proposes a multiple loop horse trail in the White Rocks / Walnut Mountain / Roan Mountain area to provide recreational opportunities and economic growth opportunities for the community of Roan Mountain

Analysis Completed

Buffalo Mountain Land Acquisition

The Forest Service proposes to acquire 488 acres, more or less, located in the Fourth Civil District of Washington County southwest of Johnson City, Tennessee.

Compartment 167 Commercial Thinning

Commercially thin approximately 69 acres.

Cut Laurel Gap Land Acquisition

Acquire 1,051 acres located in Johnson County northeast of Mountain City, Tennessee.

Dennis Cove and Hampton Trailheads Improvement Project

This project proposes to redesign both parking areas to better organize their use and provide for perhaps 2-5 additional spaces at any given time. Both projects will be within currently impacted areas and the adjacent impacted areas.


The project is designed to improve or maintain wildlife habitat, species diversity of stands, and forest health through vegetation management and other treatments.

Divided Mountain and Hump Mountain Land Acquisitions

Acquire 186 acre in Johnson County and 324 acres in Carter County TN.

Dry Fork Land Acquisition

Acquire three inholdings with total acreage of 548 acres.This acquisition complements the Goals, Objectives, and Desired Future Conditions and would adopt the 7.E.2-"Dispersed Recreation Area" prescription

Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative Line Relocation

FLEC has proposed to relocate a distribution line in the Indian Boundary Recreation Area. Approximately 500 ft. of aerial cable will be removed and then 1,000 feet of aerial cable and 200 ft. of buried would be installed along NFSR 345H1 and 345H.

Gulf Tract Roads Repair Project

Reconstructing the road in one location on FSR 22501 and doing heavy maintenance on 19 other locations along FSR%u2019s 2250, 2251& 22501 in the Gulf area of the Cherokee NF

Max Patch Improvement Project

Replace the existing kiosk with a 3-panel kiosk and construct a 200 foot split rail fence that will start about 25 feet behind the kiosk.

Meadow Creek Environmental Assessment

Create early successional habitat, improve forest health and vigor, promote mast-producing species, prescribed burning, wildlife habitat improvements, and maintain, decommission, and authorize roads.

Monroe County 911 Waucheesi Repeater

Issue a permit to Monroe County to add a repeater with rack, antenna, transmission lines and backup at an existing Communication Site building and tower on Waucheesi Mountain.

Osborne Cabin Road Repair

Repair, stabilize, and help prevent further erosion on approx. 1000 feet of farm road leading from the barn at the Osborne Farm to the bog and cabin.

Raft 1 Outfitter and Guide

Applicant is proposing to use NFS land to conduct guided mountain biking, hiking, running, and lake tours. Various designated trailheads and trails proposed based on type of tour. Stand-up paddle board tours would occur on Lake Ocoee via NFSR 33210.

Shook Branch Land Aquisition

The Forest Service proposes to acquire 19.439 acres, more or less, located in the First Civil District of Carter County south of U.S. Highway 321

VEC Parksville Lake Overhead Line Removal

VEC would like to remove 850 ft. of overhead line near the Ocoee Marina. The line would be replaced with 227 ft. of buried cable adjacent to the Marina parking area.

Vegetation Management in Open Areas

manage permanent grassy & herbaceous openings using a combination of treatment methods; openings include permanent openings benefiting wildlife species & utility corridors under special use permit by utility agencies

On Hold

Hartford Wastewater Testing Project

Prepare a study for determination of an area with adequate suitability for beneficial re-use of treated wastewater.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.