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Travel Management

The Cibola National Forest and Grasslands has nearly completed the Travel Management process. Because of the size and diversity of the Cibola NF&G, the decision was made to complete the travel management process for each district.

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Cibola National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Forest Road 10 Re-route

Re-route Forest Road 10 at mile marker 12-12.5 due to erosion and undercutting of existing portion.

Installation and Maintenance of a Micrometeorological Station CE

New permit to UNM researcher to take over an existing weather station operated by USGS and replace some of the equipment for the purpose of monitoring meteorological conditions including snow depth for hydrological and groundwater recharge.

Sandia Crest House Special Use Permit Reissuance

The Sandia Crest House is under a current special use permit and is being transferred to a new owner. With the transfer, a new permit will be issued with a 20-year term.

Second Entry Burns: San Juan Unit

Conduct a second entry prescribed burn for restoration and maintenance of wildlife habitat.

Under Analysis

Baldy Allotment Grazing Authorization

Livestock grazing authorization and related management activities.

Canadian River Crossing Aquatic Organism Passage

The project objectives are to develop a low-water crossing which allows full passage of aquatic organisms and preserves vehicular access to the public land across the Canadian river as well as maintaining a pool habitat upstream.

Cibola National Forest Mountain Ranger Districts Revised Land and Resource Management Plan

Revision of the 1985 Cibola National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan to develop specific direction for the Sandia, Mountainair, Mount Taylor, and Magdalena Ranger Districts.

Corona Fuels Reduction and Forest Restoration Project

This project will restore the forest ecosystem and reduce fuel loadings on the Gallinas Unit of the Mountainair District. The treatments are needed to reduce the potential of uncharacteristic wildfires to protect the Community of Corona.

Mineral Withdrawal of Zuni Fleabane Habitat

Withdraw from mineral entry about 1,000 acres of habitat in 4 areas to facilitate recovery of the federally threatened Zuni fleabane (Erigeron rhizomatous).

Northern New Mexico Riparian, Aquatic, and Wetland Restoration Project

The Forest Service proposes to restore riparian, aquatic, and wetland habitat on the Carson, Cibola, and Santa Fe National Forests, and the Kiowa Grasslands in New Mexico by implementing a variety of restoration activities.

Northfork Electrical Coop, Inc., Powerline CE

Reissue special use permit for rural electrification administration for existing above ground powerlines.

RB-35 and K-87 Playa Restoration

restore hydrologic function and provide wildlife habitat in 2 pitted playas

Sandia Peak Ski Area Mountain Coaster

Construction of a mountain coaster by Sandia Peak Ski Area(SPSA). In 2017 SPSA modified their master plan with conceptual long term operations including year-round recreational uses outlined in 2011 Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act.

Sandia Trails Improvements CE

Improve & expand non-motorized dispersed recreation opportunities (trails) w/construction,designation,relocation,decommissioning of trails.Install barriers,rehabilitation/closure activities to limit degradation from vehicles at informal parking areas

Serna Pasture Riparian Enhancement Project

Allow for and promote recovery of the Shush Ken Histosol Fen, the improvement of riparian characteristics in the headwaters of Bluewater creek, improvement of habitat for Rio Grande sucker (Catostomus plebeius) and the Rio Grande chub (Gila pandora).

Tecolote Energy, LLC, Pipeline CE

Reissue special use authorization for an existing natural gas pipeline.g

UNM KNME Tower Replacement

KNME-TV is requesting permission to amend existing permit to remove their current tower and replace with a new 140%u2019 self-supporting tower south of their building on Sandia Crest Communication Site. No additional uses, no change to tower height.

USAF Training Area

Military training area permit on Mountainair, Mount Taylor, Magdalena, and Sandia Ranger Districts

Western Farmers Electrical Coop, Inc, Powerline CE

Reissue special use permit for rural electrification administration for existing above ground powerlines.

Analysis Completed

Black Kettle Ranger District Feral Hog Management

Management and removal of the invasive species feral hogs (Sus scrofa) on Black Kettle and McClellan Creek National Grasslands to improve wildlife habitat and prairie health.

Puerco Landscape Restoration Project

Increase watershed resiliency by reestablishing and restoring forest structure and pattern, health, fire regime, vegetation composition and diversity of forest ecosystems to conditions within the natural range of variability and desired conditions.

On Hold

Outfitter Guide Special Use Permit Renewal for Cedar Crest Country Cottage & Stables.

Proposal to replace an expired permit and issue a 10-year priority special use permit to Cedar Crest Country Cottage & Stables for guided horseback riding.

Roca Honda LLC Project - Exploration and Mine Development

Proposal to develop and conduct underground uranium mining operations on Roca Honda Resources LLC mining claims on and near Jesus Mesa with a surface disturbance area of 183 acres.


Casa Loma Lot 1 Well Replacement CE

Proposal from the Casa Loma Lot 1 recreation residence holder to replace their well that went dry.

Eric #1 Project

Mineral exploration consisting of drilling up to 2 drill holes from 2 drill pads (75 ft. X 150 ft.); accessing sites by existing roads and overland travel.

Laramide Resources Mine Development - La Jara Mesa

Laramide Resourcess proposes to tunnel two inclined adits from under the west edge of La Jara Mesa to remove 40,000 tons of uranium ore for testing and to begin development of a production mine.

Mountainair and Sandia Ranger Districts Road Decommissioning

A proposal to decommission 90 miles of roads/routes to reduce erosion, soil compaction and sedimentation, which would result in enhancing water quality and wildlife habitat.

Sandia Crest House Special Use Permit Reissuance

The Sandia Crest House is under a current special use permit and is being transferred to a new owner. With the transfer, a new permit will be issued with a 20 year term.

Uranium Exploration Drilling

Proposal to approve multiple Plans of Operations for exploratory drilling to determine the extent of uranium deposits in several areas on the mesas surrounding Mt. Taylor.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

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