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Schedule of Proposed Actions

Four times a year, the Colville publishes Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) which provides project information, status, and contacts.

Mill Creek Stewardship A to Z Solicitation

Project information and status for the North Fork Mill Creek A to Z Project and the Middle and South Fork Mill Creek A to Z Project can be found below. 

Colville National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

Sxwuytn 'Trail' - Kaniksu Connections Project

This is a multi-faceted project focusing on restoring healthy forests, connecting lands and people, improving watershed function, and providing economic stability.

Under Analysis

Boulder Park Ecological Restoration Project

Activities are proposed to make forest vegetation more resilient, contribute to the local economy, improve watershed conditions, address road issues, and improve the existing motorized trail.

Box Canyon Erosion Control

Bank stabilization treatment on four sites on Box Canyon Reservoir of the Pend Oreille River.

Bulldog Project

Restoration activities would move forest conditions towards historic range of variability, reduce fuels in Ferry County CWPP area; restore aquatic ecosystems, and improve recreation opportunities to better align with desired public uses

Colville National Forest Plan Revision

The Land and Resource Management Plan for the Colville NF is being revised as required by the National Forest Management Act. The purpose is develop updated management direction for the forest, currently managed under the 1988 forest plan.

Ferry County PUD #1 Power line Maintenance Trail - San Poil Section

Ferry County PUD #1 proposes to construct a motorized access trail within the San Poil Power line ROW authorized under permit. The trail access would improve service reliability, maintenance, worker safety, veg. management, and fire suppression.

Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan will develop administrative and management goals, objectives and practices for public lands in Forest Service Regions 1 and Regions 6.


The project promotes forest health, improves or maintains water quality, and provides forest products to the local economy by thinning, prescribed burning, and roadside treatments of key ingress and egress routes.

Seattle City Light Power Line Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of permit for existing power transmission line.

South Fork Boulder Road Project

Create adequate access, including access for both public and administrative needs, into the South Fork Boulder Road area while minimizing the effects to aquatic resources like water quality and fish habitat.

Trout Lake Insect and Disease

The proposed project includes up to 3,000 acres of commercial and non-commercial treatments to reduce the vulnerability to insect and disease and reduce the wildfire risk to local communities and surrounding federal lands.

Analysis Completed

Harvey Creek Subwatershed Restoration

The project would apply restoration treatments across the Harvey Creek subwatershed to improve watershed and aquatic function, fish habitat, fish populations, and increase grizzly bear core habitat.

Orient Watershed Project

This project proposes commercial and non-commercial vegetation treatments , and prescribed burning around the community of Orient in the wildland-urban interface.

Sullivan Creek Large Woody Debris Habitat Enhancement

Wood acquisition in upland and riparian forest stands for installation in Sullivan Creek to improve watershed and aquatic function. Wood will be placed by helicopter and skid steer.

Sullivan Creek Recreation Sites

The project would apply restoration treatments to dispersed recreation sites along Sullivan Creek to maintain long-term sustainable camping opportunities for the public, and improve fish and wildlife habitat.

On Hold

Leclerc Creek Grazing Allotment Management Planning

Analyze the options for management of grazing in the LeClerc Creek drainage.

Lorelei Diamond Ranch FLPMA Road Permit

Applicant has purchased property and asked to re-construct a 600 foot long by 15 foot wide, low standard road to access the east side of their parcel to manage timber. Their parcel is bisected by a large pond thatprevents roaded access east of pond.

Lousen Amateur Radio North Baldy

To locate an amateur radio facility at North Baldy including a small equipment cabinet, solar panel, mast support and antennas.

Pend Oreille PUD #1 Permit Amendment to add Fiber Optic Cable

Amendment of an existing special use permit to authorize installation, use and maintenance of fiber optic cable.

Pend Oreille PUD: buried electric line to private property

The Pend Oreille PUD has submitted an application to bury 50 lineal feet of single phase electric cable from an existing utility pole to provide service to a private parcel. The width of the right-of-way would be 20 feet.

Vaagen Bros. Private Road Permit

Issuance of a special use permit authorizing construction of approximately 50 feet of new road to access private property.

YZN Exploratory Trenching

Proposal from mining operator to conduct exploratory mining operations. Access to YZN claim blocks are over National Forest System Roads 3155000 and 3155200. Proposal is to trench in three discrete locations to expose mineralization and take samples.


Brown Mountain Beetle Thin

Pre-commercial thinning of 40 year old pine plantations that are currently being attacked by western pine beetle, mountain pine beetle, and ips.

Seattle City Light Forest Road 3165000 Authorization

Seattle City Light has applied for authorization for continued access over Forest Road 3165 (CR 3990) on a year-round basis to access the Vista House and east side of Boundary Dam from State Route 31.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.