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What is Project Planning?

Project planning follows direction from the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) (42 USC 43231 et seq.), Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Regulations (40 CFR 1500-1508), USDA Regulations (7 CFR Part 1b), and Forest Service Regulations (36 CFR 220).


How do I get involved?

We want to hear from you! The 36 CFR 218 process builds on early participation and collaboration efforts, with the intention of resolving concerns before a decision is made.

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Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

2017 Outfitter/Guide Permits - BRRD

2017 Outfitter/Guide Permits for the Blue Ridge RD

FY 17 Prescribed Fire Projects

FY 17 Prescribed burning projects.

Ocmulgee Bluff Trail Bridge Project.

Proposal to install a trail bridge along the Ocmulgee Bluff Equestrian Trail, at Crows Creek, Oconee Ranger District.

Satolah Fire House Relocation - Special Use Permit

Relocate the Satolah Fire House on Forest Service land.

Soil and Water Projects (various sites)

Soil and Water projects for various sites

Songbird Trail Reroute

Reroute the Songbird Trail.

Stover Creek - Pinhoti Connector Trail

Stover Creek - Pinhoti Trail Connector

Stream Habitat Improvement

Moving structures for habitat improvement along streams.

Town Creek ATV Trail Improvement Project.

Proposal to install a boardwalk, install 3 small bridges and harden approximately 300 ft. of trail surface (The Project) across creeks, tributaries and wet depressions intersecting the Town Creek ATV Trail (TCATV).

Under Analysis

Armuchee Healthy Forests Project

The project is designed to reduce the risk for southern pine beetle (SPB) infestations in over-crowded pine stands and restore the ecological integrity of those stands by moving them towards a more ecologically appropriate composition.

Cemetery Maintenance permit for Howard Farmer - SUP

Special use permit for cemetery maintenance for Howard Farmer.

Cohutta Springs SUP - Outfitter/Guide Services

Special Use Permit services for Cohutta Springs.

Cooper Creek Watershed Project.

More detailed information at

Duncan Ridge Trail Reroutes - Rhodes Mtn to Fish Gap

The purpose of this project is to relocate 2 miles of the Duncan Ridge Trail to a more sustainable location and maintain the existing trail.

Fightingtown Creek Early Successional Habitat Project

Fightingtown Creek Early Successional Habitat Project

Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR) SUP

GADNR has requested permission to install a drilled water well at the Rich Mountain Wildlife Management Area (WMA) check station to supply the facility with potable water.

Jake and Bull RTP (Jones Crk. Dam Reroute)

Trail reroute at Jake and Bull RTP (Jones Crk. Dam)

Johns Creek Trout Habitat Enhancement Project

The purpose of the project is to improve trout habitat by adding large woody debris in the form of cover logs and instream structures. This would create pools for holding trout during the warm summer months.

Locust Stake OHV Trail Mtce. & Reconstruction Project

Locust Stake OHV Tail Mtce. & Reconstuction Project

Outfitter/Guide SUP for North Georgia Social Club

Special Use Permit Outfitter/Guide for North Georgia Social Club

Revised LRMP Amendment Updating Standards for Federally Listed Bat Species (LRMP Amendment)

The proposal would include the addition of seven new standards and modifications to two existing standards in the LRMP.

Special Use Authorization to AT&T for transportation and utility systems on National Forest Land.

SUP authorization-AT&T proposal to bury a 48-fiber optic cable, 2.5 miles along Cold Springs Rd and through 4 areas of National Forest Land to reach Private residences in Green County, GA

Whissenhunt OHV Trail System Improvement

The purpose of this project is to perform maintenance on the sections of trail that are draining poorly and construct or relocate five miles of trail in conjunction with the decommissioning of tow miles of existing trail.

Analysis Completed

08-114 - Oconee Forest Health & Wildlife Habitat Improvement

The purpose of this project is to maintain or improve forest health in pine stands with high stem density to improve forest resiliency and resistance to natural disturbances, disease infestations and insects, particularly southern pine beetle.

2017 New Recreation Events Special Uses BRRD

Special Use Permits for 2017 Spring Events

Byron Herbert Reece Trail Connector

The district in collaboration with Union Co. and Byron Herbert Reece Society is proposing the adoption of an existing closed road to convert to a beginner-level interpretative hiking trail for recreationist in Union County.

Research project to analyze Aquatic Invertebrate

The proposal is to analyze Aquatic Invertebrate along the reaches of Chattooga and Stekoa Creek was submitted by Isabel Edwards.

Research project to study Cicada

The project proposal is to collect specimens of Brood VI 17-year cicadas (Magicicada spp.) infected with the fungus Massospora cicadina for sequencing and analysis of the fungal genome submitted by William J. Davis.

Research study to monitor Terrapene carolina population

The proposal is to monitor Terrapene carolina population within a given watershed in the Georgia Blue Ridge to begin to assemble a baseline of data pertaining to local demographics, growth, behavior, and general natural history.

Small Tract Act case on the CRRD

The USFS is in the process of considering a application that request conveyance of small tracts of National Forest System lands on the CONF.

SUP for a Floating Dock (BRRD)

The purpose of this permit is to authorize the new landowners the use of an existing mooring boat dock, steps, walkway, and rock rip-rap along shoreline.

SUP for a mooring boat dock and walkway on Lake Blue Ridge (BRRD)

Issue a Special Use Permit (SUP) for a mooring boat and walkway on Lake Blue Ridge.

SUP for a Power Line (BRRD)

To provide power to a floating boat dock located at 1366 Fishhook Point.

Upper West Armuchee Creek Watershed Project.

Upper West Armuchee Creek Watershed Project


Improved Recreational Access to Mountaintown Creek

The purpose and need for this project is to re-establish public access to Mountaintown Creek that bypasses private land in order to provide opportunities for dispersed recreation uses within the Mountaintown Creek drainage.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.