Welcome to the Custer Gallatin Project page. The projects listed on this page are in different stages of analyses.

Each project includes a brief description of the project, contact information, and access to available on-line project documents.  The link below will take you to project information for the Beartooth, Ashland, and Sioux Ranger Districts.

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Additional Project Information - Beartooth, Ashland and Sioux Ranger Districts

Custer Gallatin National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Custer Gallatin Forest Plan Revision

The Custer Gallatin National Forest is undergoing Forest Plan Revision. The Forest Plan is a comprehensive overarching document that guides forest management, use, and protection providing broad direction, standards and guidelines for years to come.

Ecotonal Habitat Restoration Project

To restore ecotonal habitats- aspen, whitebark & limber pine, meadow/ grassland & forest interface riparian areas, woody draws, & montane ponderosa pine- where assessment (App. A), shows a departure from desired conditions & can support restoration.

Group Ten Metals, Stillwater West Phase 2 project Plan of Operations for mineral exploration.

Exploratory core drilling for locatable minerals at 35 sites over the course of seven years in the Iron Mountain and Chrome Mountain area of the East Boulder Plateau on Beartooth and Yellowstone Ranger Districts.

Sibanye Stillwater Mining Company's East Boulder Mine Stage 6 Tailings Storage Facility Amendment

SSMC East Boulder Mine proposes expanding the existing TSF an additional 14 ft. elevation using the same construction and operation methods as approved in stages 1 to 5. Final crest elevation is designed at 6,344 feet.

South Crazy Mountains Land Exchange

The Forest Service is proposing to exchange approximately 3,225 acres of National Forest System lands for approximately 3,797 acres of non-Federal lands located in south central Montana, northeast of Livingston and northwest of Big Timber.

Threemile Restoration and Resiliency Project

Manage this fire adapted ecosystem towards a mosaic of forest, woody draw, & grassland vegetation that restores & improves ecosystem resiliency. Use commercial timber harvest, prescribed fire, and non-commercial treatments to achieve this outcome.

Analysis Completed

Bozeman Municipal Watershed Project

Protect the municipal watershed and treatment plant from excessive sediment or ash associated with severe fire and reduce the risk of a crown fire in the urban interface immediately north of the Forest boundary.

East Boulder Fuels Reduction Project

The primary purpose is to reduce fuel loadings in the East Boulder Corridor to reduce the probability and intensity of a severe wildfire, public and fftr safety,safety of employees at the East Boulder Mine, evacuation and secondary goals.

Emigrant Crevice Locatable Mineral Withdrawal

USFS has filed an application with BLM requesting that the Secretary of Interior withdraw for a 20-year term approx 30,370 acres of NFS lands from location and entry under US mining laws.

North Bridgers Forest Health Project

Intermediate and/or regeneration harvest to reduce the risk or extent of, and increase the resiliency to insect and disease infestation while providing wood products to local mills.

Operation and Maintenance of Red Cliff Shooting Range

The proposed action is analysis the environmental effects of authorizing, through a special use permit, the operation and maintenance of the Red Cliff Shooting Range by an responsible club or other community entity.

Smith Shields Forest Health

Reduce the risk or extent of, or increase resilience to, insect or disease infestations in the area by improving resiliency of stand structure, function and composition; also reduce wildfire risk to local communities and federal lands in the WUI.

Upper Hyalite Road and Recreation Enhancement Projects

Maintenance and reconstruction of Hyalite Canyon Road #62, Hyalite Canyon South Road #620, East Fork Hyalite Road #6280, and recreation enhancements such as campground road improvements, additional parking, and paving of some trailheads.

On Hold

East Paradise Range Recession

This is to study six open grazing allotments and determine if reauthorization of grazing is warranted

Miminagish Organization Camp

Master Plan development and conversion of obsolete Special Use Permit to current format for the Miminagish Organization Church Camp in the Main Boulder canyon, Yellowstone Ranger District


Lucky Minerals Inc. Emigrant Project Plan of Operations for drilling activities

Exploratory drilling to assess mineral presence at 9 sites on existing roads and 3 helicopter sites in Emigrant Creek area. Total ground disturbance of approximately 0.3 acres.

Whitebark Pine Enhancement Project

This project will involve mechanical, non-commercial removal of non-whitebark conifers from stands that contain or are directly adjacent to live whitebark pine trees and prescribed burns within conifer stands that contain beetle-killed whitebark pine

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.