As part of carrying out the mission of the Forest Service, agency resource specialists develop environmental analysis and documentation, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and agency direction.

SOPA Report

The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) Report contains a list of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation. Questions and comments regarding projects listed in the SOPA should be directed to the Project Contact shown in the SOPA.

Grassland Projects

Grassland Projects are proposed actions that are anlyzed thought the NEPA process (Envirnmental Impact Statement [EIS], Environmental Analysis [EA], or Categorical Exclusion [CE]) that involve analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and result in a NEPA decision such as a Record of Decision (ROD), Decision Notice (DN), or a Decsion Memo (DM) which is subject to an administrative appeals process, and ultimately is implented on the ground.


To see the outcome of appeals and objections to Forest Service decisions, go to:

Appeal Responses for the Dakota Prairie Grasslands - issued after October 1, 2006

Appeal Responses for the Dakota Prairie Grasslands - issued before October 1, 2006

Objection Responses for the Dakota Prairie Grasslands

Dakota Prairie Grasslands Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

Under Analysis

  • Allotment #270 Water Well

    Construction of a water well including a water line and an electrical line.

  • Allotment 037

    Water system

  • Allotment 061 Well and Water System

    Water well and water system

  • Allotment 173 Spring Recontruction

    Allotment 173 Spring Reconstruction

  • Allotment 174 Water System

    Construct water well and pipeline

  • Allotment 176 Water pipeline addition

    Water pipeline extension and stock tank addition

  • Allotment 186 Water Pipeline System

    Water Pipeline System

  • Allotment 196 Range Water System

    Range Water System

  • Allotment 325 Water Pipelines

    Water Pipelines and Crossfence

  • CCC Campground Reconstruction

    The proposal would realign campground infrastructure with outdoor recreation demand, accommodate and manage concentrations of use, and provide better access to adjacent wildlands and trail systems.

  • Cobra Oil & Gas North Branch Saltwater Pipeline

    Cobra Oil and Gas proposes to construct a saltwater pipeline across National Forest System lands in McKenzie County, North Dakota.

  • Dantz's Creek Juniper Project

    Juniper Removal from Dantz's Creek

  • LMGA Allotments Range Water Projects

    LMGA Allotment Projects in Allotments 021, 037 and 061

  • Maah Daah Hey Trail North

    Maintenance and reroute of portion of the Maah Daah Hey Trail including 23,000 feet of trail restoration and 1,200 feet of trail realignment

  • Medora South Trailhead

    Medora South Trailhead and Trails

  • MGA Grazing Allotments Range Water Projects

    The project will install a water pipeline, 3 stock tanks, and a water lot.

  • Slope County Allotments - Range Water Systems

    Range Water System improvements for 4 allotments - 051, 059, 093, and 100.

  • XTO Energy, Inc. Mandel Hovet Federal 41X-29 Utility Route

    McKenzie Energy Partners, LLC proposes to construct a buried saltwater pipeline to the XTO Energy, Inc. Mandel Hovet Federal 41X-29 multi-well pad. A utility right-of-way would include this saltwater pipeline plus future utilities to this location.

Analysis Completed

  • 2021 Range Improvement Projects-Pasture 7, ADP 424 and ADP 510

    McKenzie County Grazing Association has proposed range improvements to be installed on National Forest System lands in McKenzie County. The projects include pipelines, water well drilling, and water tanks.

  • A189 Range Water Pipeline

    Construction of a water pipeline

  • Bridger Pipeline LLC Crude Oil Pipeline Corridor

    Bridger Pipeline LLC proposes to construct a crude oil pipeline system to transport oil from Bridger's Baker/Sandstone Station near Plevna, MT to Bridger's Johnsons Corner Terminal located near Johnson's Corner, ND.

  • McKenzie Electric Cooperative Inc. Horse Creek/Winters Power Line

    McKenzie Electric Cooperative, Inc. proposes to bury a new power line in McKenzie County, North Dakota. The portion of the proposed underground power on National Forest System Lands could be approximately 1,312 feet in length.

  • Ovintiv Sorenson Federal Multi-Well Pad

    Ovintiv proposes to construct up to 10 oil and gas wells on one pad, including an access road and associated utilities.

On Hold

  • Allotment 207 Range water well

    Oil well conversion to water well

  • NFSR #873 Bridge Replacement

    Proposed replacement of a timber bridge with a concrete box culvert and McKenzie County has requested an easement on 500 feet of existing road


  • Allotment 002 Vegetation Improvement

    Construction of water pipeline and addition of a stock tank

  • Allotment 048 Replacement Water Development

    Project was cancelled due to being duplicate with project 49584, which is already on the SOPA.

  • Allotment 164 Water Pipeline

    Project cancelled - several Allotment projects consolidated

  • Allotment 166 Range Water System

    Cancelled- consolidated into multiple allotment projects

  • Allotment 187 Range Water System

    Cancelled as several projects were consolidated

  • Allotment 198 Range Water

    Cancelled as several projects were consolidated

  • Allotment 201

    Cancelled as several projects were consolidated

  • Allotment 202 Range Water System

    Cancelled- consolidated into multiple allotment projects

  • Allotment 212 Water Pipeline

    Cancelled- consolidated into multiple allotment projects

  • Allotment 266 Range Water Extension

    Range water extension

  • Allotment 267 Range Water Project

    Cancelled- consolidated into multiple allotment projects

  • Billings County Private Road Special-use Application

    Billings County seeks a permit to use 2,500 feet of existing road and construct a portion of road on NFS lands to access a gravel pit on private land.

  • Blankenship Private Road Special Use Permit

    Re-construct access road from public to private land.

  • GMX Resources Inc. Franks Creek Federal 24-8-1H

    Oil well and associated lines

  • GMX Resources Inc. Little Missouri Federal 24-10-1H

    Oil well and associated lines

  • Slawson Exploration Company, Inc. Environmental Assessment for proposed oil and gas wells.

    The Forest Service is proposing to approve necessary surface use associated with Slawson Exploration Company's proposal to drill, complete, and produce an oil well on their Federal oil and gas lease consistent with current laws.

  • Slawson Exploration Company, Inc. Wolverine Federal 3-31-30H

    The Forest Service proposes to approve Slawson's proposal to drill and produce an oil and gas well on its federal oil and gas lease. Project is cancelled because it has been folded into a larger master development plan yet to be proposed.

  • West Rhame Road Repair and Maintenance

    This project canceled due to duplication with project #49872. Slope County proposes a roadway reconstruction project with aggregate surfacing and culvert replacements project on CMC 4417, aka West Rhame Road.

  • Whiting Oil & Gas Tescher Ranch 11-9TFH Access Road

    Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation no longer desires to construct 3,330 feet of road to provide access to a proposed oil and gas well located on private surface. This project has been cancelled.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.