The Fishlake National Forest is engaged in several projects. Updated information for proposed and ongoing projects will be placed here. Some of the links access information for the Forest Service as a whole.

Fishlake National Forest Projects

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Projects

To view our Schedule of Proposed Actions, please visit the Fishlake National Forest SOPA page

Fishlake National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Amendments to Land Management Plans Regarding Sage-grouse Conservation

The Forest Service is considering amending its land management plans to address new and evolving issues arising since implementing sage-grouse plans in 2015. This project is in cooperation with the USDI Bureau of Land Management.

Britts Meadow Road Reroute

The Beaver Ranger District is proposing to realign a section of Forest Road 135 to enhance safe travel, improve access for forest management, improve natural resource conditions in the riparian corridor and protect historic sites in the area.

Richfield-West Sevier Watershed Plan: Flat Canyon Site

The Forest is proposing the construction of a flood detention basin and a conveyance channel at the mouth of Flat Canyon. Flood flows that enter the Sevier Valley and canals may result in overtop or breach, threatening loss of life and property.

Southern Monroe Mountain Allotments Livestock Grazing Authorization

The Fishlake National Forest is preparing an EIS to evaluate and disclose the potential environmental effects from proposing to authorize livestock grazing on the Dry Lake, Forshea, Kingston, Koosharem, Manning Creek, and Rock Springs Allotments.

Analysis Completed

Dark Blue Vegetation Improvement Project

The Fremont River and Richfield Ranger Districts are proposing a vegetation improvement project to create and maintain healthy and resilient spruce-fir stands by removing dead/dying Engelmann spruce, thinning live trees, planting spruce where needed.

Manning Meadows Exclosure

The Richfield Ranger District has proposed the construction of a monitoring exclosure within Manning Creek Allotment to better understand the impacts of grazing by wildlife, livestock, and the combination of both. The study will cover approx.2 acres.

Ten Mile Allotment Research Study Plots

Construction of research study plots approximately 31' x 31' in size within the 10 Mile Allotment. The plots will look at mountain mahogany and sage brush vegetation types. The research study will cover approximate 0.10 acres.

Torrey Town Springs Development

To ensure that the town of Torrey continue to supply its residences with water the Fishlake NF is proposing to develop four spring complexes with eight spring collection areas. Pipeline would then be installed to connect to existing water lines.

Watts Mountain Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project

Mechanical treatment (i.e., chain harrow) of sagebrush communities in various areas totaling approximatley 5000 acres on the southern portion of the Fillmore Ranger District north of I70.


Beaver City Hydro Plant #3

This project has been cancelled. This is a duplicate project, please refer to project number 51916 - Beaver City Hydro Plant #3.

Bowery Haven Marina Improvements, Twin Creek Boardwalk, and Angling Pier Project

This project has been moved to project number 55908 - Fish Lake Marinas and Recreation Improvements Project.

Fishlake Basin Undergound Powerline

Amend Garkane Power Special Use permit to remove 2,470 feet of overhead powerline and replace with 380 feet of buried line

Koosharem, Rock Springs, Dry Lake and Hunts Lake Allotments Livestock Grazing Authorization

The U.S. Forest Service, Fishlake National Forest, Richfield Ranger District, is proposing to reauthorize livestock grazing on the Koosharem, Rock Springs, Dry Lake, and Hunts Lake Allotments.

Lakeside and Fish Lake Lodge Marinas Improvement Project

This project has been moved to project number 55908 - Fish Lake Marinas and Recreation Improvements Project

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.