Volunteers build the Monkey Creek BridgeAs part of managing the vast natural resources under Forest Service care, agency resource specialists conduct an environmental analysis of proposed projects following guidance provided in the Forest Plan and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) . These analyses are documented in a variety of NEPA documents.

The projects listed in the "NEPA Projects" quick link (right) are currently being analyzed or have been recently completed. Oversight of this process for all of the National Forests in Florida, and the Florida National Scenic Trail, lies with the Supervisor's Office in Tallahassee.

The Forest Service depends on public involvement to make this process most effective and your involvement is strongly encouraged. In addition to your involvement during the project planning and development stages, you may also be entitled to appeal a project decision. Learn about your right to appeal a decision.

National Forests In Florida Project Spotlights

Beasley Pond Analysis Area

The Forest Service is proposing silviculutural and restoration treatments on approximately 3800 acres of forestland in the southwestern part of the Apalachicola National Forest.

All Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Proposed special use for Duke Energy utility right of way

Consolidation and renewal of existing special use permit for occupancy of USFS land and maintenance of utility right of way.

Tarpon Towers II, SLERS

Tarpon Towers II, LLC is proposing the construction and operation of a communications tower in National Forest Land by the town of Wilma. The proposed tower will be the Liberty County link to the state wide State Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS).

Workcenter Timber Stand Improvement Project

The primary purpose of this project is to reduce the fuel loading and restore forest health in areas that were damaged by Hurricane Michael by removing downed and damaged trees.

Under Analysis

2021 Alexander Springs Wilderness Restoration Project

To obliterate motorized access points into Alexander Springs Wilderness. Decommission 1,000ft of the FR 18-1.8 and complete restoration and erosion abatement activities. Change 1.9 miles of FR 18-1.8 from management level 2 to management level 1.

ANF Forest Wide Plantation Thinning Project

The ANF proposes to thin slash, loblolly, and longleaf pine across the forest to improve stand conditions and improve wildlife habitat.

City Of Tallahassee Solar Farm 2 Connector.

Connector into existing Right Of Way for City of Tallahassee transmission line. Three new utility poles will be placed with width of 106 feet.

Fanny Bay Communication Tower City Switch II- A, LLC

CitySwitch is proposing a 305ft gray galvanized steel self-support tower with a lightning rod and without guyed wires. It will provide Communication service and road coverage along Interstate 10 and southwest Baker County.

Helen Light Analysis Area

The Apalachicola National Forest is proposing to treat approximately 4,365 acres for stand and wildlife habitat improvement.

Holmes Easement for access to private inholding.

Issuance of Special Use permit for legal access to their property.

Jonathen Allen transfer of Legal Access

Legal Access for a private landowner.

Liberty Analysis Area

The Forest Service proposes to conduct 4,800 acres of timber management treatments on the Apalachicola National Forest. Proposed activities include thinnings, clearcuts and modified group selection.

Renewal of Shooting Range Permit by FWCC In the Apalachicola National Forest

Florida Fish and wildlife Conservation Commission will continue to operate and maintain the Apalachicola National Forest shooting range located in Leon County, Florida (2.75 acres) for general public use.

Silver Lake Home Owners Association Easement

Easement for access to private land.

Whitehead Landing

The ANF proposes to relocate the primitive camping area within the Whitehead Landing recreational area.

Analysis Completed

344-D Fire Salvage and Restoration Project

The Forest Service is requesting your comments regarding potential salvage operations on the Apalachicola National Forest (ANF). Activities would include the removal of fire damaged timber on approximately 260 acres located in Wakulla County, FL

Forest Service Road 313 Bridge Replacement

The Apalachicola National Forest, Wakulla Ranger District, intends to prepare a Decision Memo (DM) for the replacement of a road bridge on forest service road 313. The bridge is located in compartments 316 and 317 of the Wakulla Ranger District, Waku

Osceola Isolated Wetlands Restoration

Treatment of ephemeral wetlands to restore suitable conditions for frosted flatwood salamanders. Herbicide and mechanical treatment to allow wetlands to be effectively managed with prescribed fire to obtain desired habitat conditions.

Proposed special use for Gulf Power Company transmission line

Gulf Power Company has applied for a special use permit to construct an electric transmission line on an existing utility right of way on the Apalachicola National Forest. Project information is available at or upon request.

Southwest Zone Scrub

Propose harvest of about 3,700 acres of sand pine. Reforest about 4,000 acres to sand pine through seeding and natural regeneration. Propose decommissioning of 1 mile of Forest Road 14-2.6.

On Hold

Briar Patch Analysis Area

The Forest Service proposed to conduct timber management and wildlife habitat improvement activities on 3,600 acres of the Apalachicola National Forest. The proposed action include 2,800 acres of thinnings and 800 acres of modified group selection.

Osceola Forestwide Restoration Project

The Osceola NF proposes to evaluate and select pine stands across the forest for timber thinning and re-establishment of longleaf pine to reduce hazardous fire fuels, improve plant and wildlife habitat, and to establish healthy ecosystem processes.

Silver Glen Springs Recreation Enhancement Project

Improve upon the land-based management capabilities of the Silver Glen Recreational Area.


Beasley Timber Stand Improvement Project

The primary purpose of this project is to reduce the fuel loading and restore forest health in areas that were damaged by Hurricane Michael by removing downed and damaged trees.

Forest Plan Amendment to Accelerate Ecological Restoration (Amendment 12)

This project proposes amendments to the National Forests in Florida Revised Land and Resource Mangement Plan to accelerate ecological restoration activites through revision of vegetation management standards.

Gulf Power North Florida Resiliency Connection (NFRC) Project

The project proposes to connect the Florida Power and Light Company's (FPL) Raven Substation in Columbia County, Florida, to Gulf Power Company's (GPC) Sinai Substation in Jackson County, Florida.

Kennedy Creek Timber Stand Improvement Project

The primary purpose of this project is to reduce the fuel loading and restore forest health in areas that were damaged by Hurricane Michael by removing downed and damaged trees.

Lake Delancy Boat Ramp Improvement Project

Improve recreation infrastructure, public safety, and satisfaction associated with access to Lake Delancy.

Ocala NF Dispersed Camping and Campfire Analysis

Analysis of the Resource and Social impacts of modifying the current dispersed camping and campfire use policies

Paisley Woods Trails Restructure

Restructure recreational trail use by eliminating, combining, or relocating motorized and non-motorized trails. Current situation: unmanagable user behavior and conflicts, safety concerns, and overlapping and incompatible trail systems.

Project Archive

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