Find information here about specific projects that the Fremont Winema National Forest are evaluating, planning or actively implementing. The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) and National Enviromental Policy Act (NEPA) projects documentation including supporting maps and documents are available.

Schedule of Proposed Actions

Each quarter, the Forests publish a Schedule of Proposed Actions or SOPA. The SOPA is an information guide for public involvement in the management of the Forests' natural resources.

Programmatic Restoration Project

The Fremont-Winema National Forest Programmatic Restoration Project decision will allow the Forest to play an active collaborative role with other agencies, the Klamath Tribes and various organizations in the development and implementation of future watershed restoration and resource improvement actions.

Fremont-Winema National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

Adapting the 21" Standard of the Eastside Screens

The USFS will evaluate alternatives to the Wildlife Standard of the Eastside Screens that limits harvest of trees greater than 21 inches for the Umatilla, Wallowa-Whitman, Malheur, Ochoco, Deschutes, and Fremont-Winema National Forests.

Under Analysis

Chiloquin Sewer project

This project will connect the Chiloquin Ranger District to the town of Chiloquin's sewer line

Dead Horse and Campbell Lakes and Campgrounds Fences

To exclude livestock from Dead Horse Lake/Campground and Campbell Lake/Campground, we will construct wooden fences and install cattle guards at roads and hiker gates at trails. Where possible we may also fell dead trees to block livestock access.

Forest Plan Amendments for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline

The Forest Service is proposing to amend the Land and Resource Management Plans (LRMP) for the Umpqua, Rogue River, and Winema National Forests for the proposed Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline.

Hazard Tree Removal at Fourmile Lake Campground

I am proposing to remove all Lodgepole pine trees greater than 9%u201D diameter and all hazard trees within the Campground and fall all danger trees within 150 feet either side of FSR 3661

Analysis Completed

004.Quincy Resources Drilling Project

Quincy Resources, Inc. has proposaed exploration core drilling at 29 existing pads, construction of approx. 150 feet of new road along with related activities described in Plan of Operations for Angel Camp and Quartz Mountain sites.

Bluemile Restoration Project

Thinning in overstocked stands; thinning to reduce mortality in stands infested with insects; fuels reduction to reduce fire hazard; and vegetation treatments to improve mule deer habitat.

East Hills Project

Landscape planning on 138,733 acres of National Forest System lands with a focus on promoting sustainable forest and watershed functions.

Green Mountain Whitebark Pine Restoration

The purpose of this project is to conserve and maintain viable whitebark pine populations. This project will modify species composition, forest structure, and stand density as needed to improve the overall resilience of this forested area.

Lobert Restoration Project

The purposes of this project, consistent with the Winema National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, is to promote the overall sustainability of vegetative systems and hydrologic functioning within the project planning area.

Lomi RX

This project is proposing 28,378 acres for prescribed burn treatments. Activities include site preparation and/or hand and heavy equipment blade line; understory burning by means of hand lighting, UTV mounted torch, and/or helicopter firing

Thomas Creek Landscape Restoration Project

The proposal includes a holistic approach that uses vegetation management, fuel reduction, road management, aspen restoration, and meadow and riparian restoration, to restore the landscape. Both mechanical and non-mechanical treatments are proposed.

Threemile Creek 110 Road Crossing

Analysis of 4 alternatives to replace or repair the road-stream crossing on FSR 3513-110; and possibly decommission segments of FSR 3513 and FSR 3513-110. The selected alternative could change access to these FSRs.

White King Soil Borrow Site Restoration

The stabilization of current erosion patterns; addition of organic material to rebuild soil structure, biological function, and stability; and establishment of a more diverse and effective vegetative ground cover through invasive plants treatments.

On Hold

FP Amendment-Eastside Screens Interim Wildlife Standard to cut White Fir Over 21-Inch DBH

Would allow removal of individual white fir trees %u2265 21%u201D DBH to protect old-growth, restore species composition and stand structure, maintain diversity components, and improve forest resiliency to fire, drought, insects and disease.

Hog Creek Oregon Spotted Frog Habitat Enhancement Project

The district is proposing to implement several wildlife habitat and meadow enhancement activities in the Hog Creek system.

Yamsi Grazing Allotment

Map 12. Evaluate livestock grazing on the Yamsi Grazing Allotment. The current Yamsi Allotment permit authorizes 444 cow/calf pairs for four months at 45% utilization.


Cherry Creek Storm Mitigation

To mitigate storm damage from rain on snow event of winter 2014, and prevent additional damage to the USFS snowmobile bridge and Westside Road that is likely to occur in winter 2015.

Dry Creek Juniper Reduction

The Forest is proposing to cut non-old-growth juniper in the Dry Creek water sub-shed to improve wildlife habitat in the Barry Point Fire area. Treatment techniques could include any or all: lop & scatter, piling, pile & cover, fire, removal.

Klamath Personal Use Road-side Firewood

The road system of the Klamath Ranger District is inundated with dead and down trees. This proposal will help with road maintenance and clearing accumulation of road-side downed wood. Work would be accomplished using the personal firewood program.

Lower Williamson Bridge Removal & Replacement

Remove failing bridge and replacing with a new structure in kind, in place.

Swamp Creek, Mill Flat and Simms Grazing Allotments Project

This area has been brought forward for analysis at this time in order to comply with the Rescission Act of 1995, which requires the Forest Service to establish and adhere to a schedule for completion of NEPA analyses and decisions on all allotments.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.