Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Forest publishers a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year: January, April, July and October. To view the current and past SOPAs, visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the GMUG National Forest.

Projects not included in the Planning, Appeals, and Litigation System (PALS):

Legal Notices of Projects not included in (PALS): Notice of Opportunity to Comment

The Forest Projects section below lists projects included in the Planning, Appeals, and Litigation System (PALS):

Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

Under Analysis

  • Blue Lakes Visitor Use Management Plan

    Provide comprehensive management of visitors in the Blue Lakes area on the Ouray Ranger District and focus on reducing visitor impacts using a variety of adaptive management mechanisms. Proposed activities vary by zone. A permit system is proposed.

  • Farris Creek Road Travel Management

    The Gunnison RD is proposing changing the travel management designation for a portion of Farris Creek Rd (NSFR 736) to a 50" or less motorized trail. The proposed change will effect 2.1 miles and is necessary for natural resource protection.

  • Garber Driveway Access

    Private landowner is requesting a permit for use, operation and maintenance of less than 100 feet of existing road that crosses National Forest land between Waunita Pass Road (County Road 763) and private land.

  • Grand Valley Habitat Improvement and Fuel Reduction

    The GVRD is proposing a district wide habitat improvement and fuels reduction project utilizing broadcast burning and supporting mechanized treatments. About 15,800 acres will be identified and burned annually.

  • Jackass Flats (OUR708) Permit Amendment for Snowplowing

    Include snowplowing in permit for year-round access on NFSR 871.2a to private property. This activity has previously been permitted on a seasonal basis.

  • Mt. Emmons Land Exchange

    Non-Federal Party (MEMC)is proposing to convey approximately 625 acres of Non-Federal land in four parcels in Gunnison and Saguache Counties, CO in exchange for approximately 551 acres of Federal land in three parcels in Gunnison County,CO

  • North Valley Cattle & Horse Allotments

    The Gunnison Ranger District is proposing to continue to authorize domestic livestock grazing on the North Butte, Lost Canyon-Silver Springs, Meridian, Snodgrass (vacant allotment) and Spring Creek Allotments.

  • Ouray Mixed AML Physical Safety Closures

    Forest and Colorado DRMS propose to close 11 inactive mine openings along National Forest System Road (NFSR) #853-Campbird Road, NFSR #855.1A-Portland Road, NFSR #871-Dexter Creek Road, NFSR #857-Cow Creek Road, and South Pinecrest Drive in Ouray.

  • Paonia Winter Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project (PWWHIP)

    Treat ~25,450 acres using prescribed fire and mechanical treatments within mountain shrub oak and pinyon juniper communities to improve habitat quality for elk and deer on winter range throughout the Paonia Ranger District with CPW, NWTF and BLM.

  • Silverjack HOA (OUR520) Water Facility Permit Amendment

    Amend current permit (OUR520)to include permit modifications as a result of repairs made to their water facility located on NFS lands and permit existing access.

  • Telluride Mountain Club Trail Proposal 2023

    Construct 11 miles of non-motorized trail and rehabilitate approximately 4.7 miles of trail (includes portions of NFST 5421, 5420 and 5505) in the Telluride vicinity.

  • Turner & Lone Cabin Ditch Combination Salinity Reduction Project

    Turner Ditch Company proposes to reduce salinity in Turner and Lone Cabin Ditch ditches which includes an 18.9 mile piping element on various land ownerships and a 28.3 acre habitat improvement project at Paonia's water treatment facility.

Analysis Completed

  • Alta Lakes Site Improvements

    Norwood Ranger District proposes to continue site improvements at the Alta Lakes Recreation Area. The project area includes Alta Lakes, Gold King Basin, Wild Boy Lake, and the Alta Lakes Road (FDR 632).

  • Blue Lakes Trailhead Reconstruction

    Reconstruct the Blue Lakes Trailhead to contain and maximize orderly parking, and to replace and relocate the current toilet to accommodate increased use.

  • Boomerang Bridge Replacement

    The current, temporary railroad car Boomerang Bridge does not meet engineering standards and is scheduled for replacement. Design completed 2023.

  • GAOA Alpine Tunnel Road and Palisade Wall Repair

    The project will reconstruct damaged portions of the Palisade Wall and repair the roadbed and surface above the damaged wall section. Depending on available funding, additional work may include road maintenance for the Alpine Tunnel Road (NFSR 7839).

  • Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests Plan Revision

    The objection filing period closed on October 30, 2023 for the GMUG revised forest plan. For more details, go the plan revision homepage at:

  • Hoak Media of Colorado, LLC (NOR301)

    Issue a new com site lease for existing Raspberry Com Site

  • MBC Grand Broadcasting Inc (# GGJ237) Mesa Point Electronics Site Communications Lease Reissuance

    Reissue Mesa Point Electronics Site Lease

  • Mesa County Far Pond (# CGJ102501) Communications Lease Reissuance (new # CGJ879)

    Reissue communication site lease

  • North Valley Trails

    Trail and infrastructure project to provide a better and more diverse single-track user experience in the greater Crested Butte area by facilitating safe, responsible, and sustainable recreation infrastructure improvements.

  • Public Broadcasting of Colorado Inc Mesa Point (# CGJ38) Communications Lease Reissuance

    Reissue Mesa Point Com Site Lease

  • Rapid Creek Sport and Cycles, LLC Shuttle Permit

    Conduct mountain bike shuttles to 3 designated locations (Mesa Top, Shirt Tail Point, Wild Rose)on the Grand Mesa National Forest. Supports trail opportunities on the Palisade Plunge Trail. Season is trail official opening to September 30.

  • Rocky Mountain Natural Gas, LLC (# NOR658)

    Issue new lease for existing site

  • Rocky Mountain Natural Gas, LLC Cathodic Protection (Uncompahgre Plateau- OUR703 Amendment 1)

    Forest Service proposes to authorize Rocky Mountain Natural Gas, LLC to install 9,355 linear feet of conductor wire with 4 test stations and 14 solid state decouplers on its existing natural gas pipeline on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

  • Section 31 Coal Exploration Well Plug and Abandon

    Plug and reclaim historic, unsecured coal exploration well associated with coal activity in the 1960s on the White River National Forest.

  • SMPA Red Mountain Pass (Burro Bridge to Ouray North) 44kV Transmission Line Rebuild Amendment

    SMPA has proposed 0.7 mile overhead construction of existing overhead powerline instead of buried, use of two construction yards including an 0.29 acre expansion of one existing and the reduction of one tower structure near avalanche area.

  • TAO USA, INC (#NOR273)

    Issue new com site lease for existing location

  • Thompson Divide Withdrawal

    The Secretary of the Interior signed Public Land Order 7939 on April 3, 2024, completing the withdraw of approximately 221,898 acres (

  • Tomichi and Kebler AML Physical Safety Closures

    The physical closure of 24 abandoned, inactive mine features such as open adits and shafts which pose the greatest physical hazard to the public. The closures include actions to restore, reclaim, abate, control, or prevent the adverse effects.

  • Transfer from Ouray Silver Mines to Thorin Resources Permits OUR712 and OUR760 to one permit OUR825

    Authorizes avalanche blasting along Camp Bird corridor and snow plowing on Camp Bird Road

  • West Muddy Creek Bridges #4 and #5 Replacement

    Replace two bridges over Muddy Creek on CR/NFSR 265 that do not meet current standards to enhance public safety.

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