Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Forest publishers a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year: January, April, July and October. To view the current and past SOPAs, visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the GMUG National Forest.

Projects not included in the Planning, Appeals, and Litigation System (PALS):

Legal Notices of Projects not included in (PALS): Notice of Opportunity to Comment

The Forest Projects section below lists projects included in the Planning, Appeals, and Litigation System (PALS):

Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

2021 Taylor Park Windthrow and Spruce Beetle Salvage

In September 2020, the Taylor Park area was impacted by an unusual high wind event that caused extensive windthrow of trees and stem breakages. This project would address hazard trees and beetle risk in two areas: Mirror Lake and Superior Ridge.

Cow Creek Habitat Improvement

The proposed action is to treat approximately 15,000 acres with prescribed fire to maintain and enhance productive vegetation for the benefit of Mule Deer, Elk and other wildlife species, while reducing the natural buildup of fuels.

North Valley Trails

Trail and infrastructure project to provide a better and more diverse single-track user experience in the greater Crested Butte area by facilitating safe, responsible, and sustainable recreation infrastructure improvements.

Restoration of Colorado River Cutthroat Trout in Fall Creek.

Install a fish barrier in Fall Creek and chemically remove non-native species to increase habitat for Colorado River Cutthroat trout and prevent non-native fish infestation to Woods Lake.

Telluride Via Ferrata Adoption

The USFS is considering incorporating the existing via ferrata in Telluride under the agency's trail management.

Vega Lodge and Resort, LLC Winter Trail Grooming Permit

The proposal requests to conduct snow trail grooming for 7.0 miles on the Park Creek Road in conjunction with other grooming operations on the Grand Mesa National Forest.

Under Analysis

Spruce Stomp Federal Lease-by-Application (COC-75916)

Bowie Resources has submitted a lease-by-application for approximately 1,813 acres. The lease contains lands managed by the Paonia Ranger District of the GMUG NF, Uncompahgre Field Office of the BLM, as well as other split estate lands.

2021 Clear Networx LLC Special Use Authorization

Clear Networx LLC has applied to construct and operate approximately 401 feet of fiber optic cable on the Norwood Ranger District in the Ilium Valley directly adjacent to the Two Rivers Subdivision.

2021 Flat Top Mountain Wet Meadow Habitat Restoration

Address erosion occurring in intermittent or ephemeral drainages and meadow habitats by maintaining existing erosion control structures and building new small rock structures (hand built and using heavy equipment).

Baldy Mountain Landscape Resiliency and Habitat Improvement Project

The primary purpose of this project is to move the landscape toward a more natural state and thus improve wildlife habitat for multiple species by implementing mechanical vegetation, hand thinning and prescribed fire treatments.

Box Canyon Sign Special Use Permit

Replace old Special Use Permit for operating and maintaining the Box Canyon sign with a new permit and operation/maintenance plan.

Cement Creek Summer Home Group Lots I & J Septic System Replacement

Septic system replacement for two adjacent recreation residences, Lot I and J, of the Cement Creek Summer Home Group.

Flowing Park Connector

The proposed project includes construction of new 1.23 mile non-motorized single track on the Grand Mesa national Forest. This trail will connect the Flowing Park trail with the Drop Off trail, creating a loop ride for mountain bikes.

Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison Forest Plan Revision

The Draft Forest Plan and Draft EIS for the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests are available for public comment August 13 - November 26, 2021. Maps, data, and more info can be found at:

Kenobi Kennel,LLC Permit

The outfitter and guide proposal received requests to conduct dog sled tours on the Land%u2019s End area utilizing the groomed snowmobile trails on the Grand Mesa National Forest. Service provides a guided dog sled tour opportunity.

Ouray Silver Mines, Inc. Fringe Lease

This EA will consider potential impacts to surface resources and issue a decision whether the GMUG NF consents with the BLM to issue a fringe lease as applied for by Ouray Silver Mine, Inc.

Pilot Rock Ditch Piping Project Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program

The Bureau of Reclamation is analyzing the effects of piping approximately 1.55 miles of the Pilot Rock Ditch in Delta County, Colorado. Forest will consider what easement adjustments are necessary for portion of Pilot Rock Ditch on NFS lands.

SMPA Permit Reissuance

Ouray and Norwood Ranger Districts: Re-issue expiring special use permit for the San Miguel Power Association power lines with no change in scope of the use.

West Mountain Fuels

Fuels treatments (thinning, pruning, mastication, overstory removal, and piling and burning of material) over approximately 322 acres of National Forest System lands adjacent to the Quartz Creek Property Association near Pitkin, Colorado.

Analysis Completed

Burwell Spring

Application to authorize previously constructed spring development and pipeline to serve private property inholding.

CBMR Facilities 2022

1)Tree removal and grading for a concrete pad to seat a cooling system for new compressors at the Snowflake Control building, plus storage space. 2) A 1000 lb. propane tank would be buried near the Paradise Hut.

Crested Butte Area Designated Camping

The designation of dispersed camp sites and requirement for visitor to camp in these sites around the Crested Butte area. Designation of the dispersed camping sites would be established using wooden posts, signs, and fire rings.

Fish Creek Reservoir #2 Rehabilitation and Special Use Authorization

Rehabilitation of Dam and associated structures and update special use authorization for Fish Creek Reservoir # 2 near Cimarron, Colorado.

Monarch Pass - Marshall Pass Vegetation Management Project

The intent of the project is to proactively and adaptively respond to declining forest vegetation conditions due to insect and disease. Includes treatments of Engelmann spruce and lodgepole pine forests in the Monarch Pass and Marshall Pass areas.

Rapid Creek Sport and Cycles, LLC Shuttle Permit

Conduct mountain bike shuttles to 3 designated locations (Mesa Top, Shirt Tail Point, Wild Rose)on the Grand Mesa National Forest. Supports trail opportunities on the Palisade Plunge Trail. Season is trail official opening to September 30.

Rim Resiliency Project

Project addresses forest health and hazardous fuel concerns in the West Bench/Anderson Reservoir area. This project was developed to continue a multi-phased silvicultural plan to enhance forest health on ~2800 acres within wildland urban interface.

San Miguel Power Association 44kV Red Mountain Transmission Line Rebuild

SMPA has applied for a special use permit to rebuild, operate and maintain the ~16 mile transmission line along Hwy 550 between the Ouray North and the Burro Bridge Substations on the GMUG and San Juan National Forests.

Trail Creek Beaver Habitat Work

Installing structures that mimic beaver dams, which would move water into a river%u2019s floodplain through overbank flows and enhance the depth, extent, and duration of inundation on the landscape on Trail Creek, near Taylor Park.

Uncompahgre Plateau Pine Plantation Thinning

Thin approximately 2,705 acres of scattered ponderosa pine plantations on the Uncompahgre Plateau with the goals of reducing fuels and providing silviculture and wildlife benefits.

Western Area Power Administration Right-of-Way Maintenance and Reauthorization Project

Update vegetation management activities along 278 miles of transmission lines located on NFS lands in Colorado, Nebraska, and Utah. These activities are intended to protect the transmission lines by managing for stable, low growth vegetation.


City of Ouray Domestic Water Supply Permit

Amend existing special use permit for City's Domestic Water System in Canyon Creek to remove facilities no longer in existence and to add new facilities

Porter Special Use Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of a Special Use Permit authorizing a spring development and approximately 453 feet of water transmission line. The waterline delivers domestic water to the permittee's private property along Tomichi Creek near Whitepine.

West Fork Cimarron Gravel Pit Development

Develop gravel pit for crushed aggregate source for Owl Creek Road NFSR 858.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

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