This page includes, in links listed below, information on projects which implement the Forest Plan. On some, public input is being sought, on others decision notices or environmental assessments on forest projects are posted.

Hoosier National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Under Analysis

  • ANR Pipeline Company Short-Term Permit

    The Hoosier proposes to issue a short-term special use permit to ANR Pipeline Company, Inc. authorizing the excavation and repair/replacement of a section of the existing gas pipeline.

  • Buffalo Springs Restoration Project

    This project proposes to treat vegetation and conduct related management activities improving forest health and sustainability of the oak-hickory ecosystems while also improving wildlife habitat.

  • Hardin Ridge Shower House Reconstruction

    The Hoosier National Forest is proposing to demolish and reconstruct three toilet/shower buildings on the Eads, Holland, and Southern Point campground loops at Hardin Ridge Recreation Area.

  • Pleasant Run Early Successional Project

    The Hoosier National Forest proposes to maintain 214 forest openings as early successional grass, forb, and shrubland habitats in the Pleasant Run area of the Brownstown Ranger District.

  • Roland Special Use Permit

    The Hoosier proposes to issue a five-year special use permit to French Lick Resorts to authorize tree planting and subsequent restoration work within the Roland Riparian Restoration Area.

  • Roland Wetland Mitigation

    The Hoosier proposes to permit French Lick Resorts to complete a rehabilitation project that includes planting approximately 366 native trees and 900 native shrubs within the Roland Riparian Restoration Area.

  • Southern Indiana Power Special Use Permit Amendment

    The Hoosier proposes to issue a permit to authorize Southern Indiana Power to remove existing aerial powerline and place the immediately adjacent to State Highway 70.

Analysis Completed

  • Froehlich Outfitter and Guide Priority Use Special Use Permit Renewal

    The Hoosier is proposing to issue a 10-year Priority Use Outfitter and Guide Permit to Froehlich Outfitter and Guides Horse Trail Rides, LLC.

  • Hickory Ridge and Buzzard Roost Campground Improvements

    The Hoosier proposes to make improvements to the Hickory Ridge Campground and install a fee tube and kiosk within the Buzzard Roost Campground.

  • Hickory Ridge Dispersed Sites Proposed Project

    The Forest Service is proposing a change in how dispersed roadside camping is managed on the Hoosier National Forest.

On Hold

  • Hoyt Access Road

    The Hoosier National Forest proposes to issue a Special Use Permit to authorize the construction, use, and maintenance of a gravel-surface road across National Forest System land.


  • Perry Spencer RTC Special Use Permit

    Cancelled due to change in proposal.

  • Springs Valley Conservancy District

    The Hoosier is proposing to issue a new replacement permit authorizing a dam and reservoir at Springs Valley Lake.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.