Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the environmental effects of a proposed activity on National Forest or other federal lands must first be analyzed, with opportunity for public comment, before a decision is made on whether or not to undertake that activity.

Proposed activities on the Inyo National Forest are listed in the Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA).  The Forest publishes the SOPA four times a year: January, April, July and October. To view the current and past SOPA, visit the Forest Service SOPA page:

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

Additional information about some of the projects on the Inyo National Forest is available by following the links under the Forest Projects heading below.  Please note that not all projects listed on the SOPA are available on the website.

For an introduction to the NEPA process and when and how to provide public input, view the following presentation: NEPA 101


Inyo National Forest Project Spotlights

    Eastern Sierra Climate and Communities Resilience Project

    Project collaboration website link: Approx. 58,000 acre forest restoration project around the Town of Mammoth Lakes. Activities may include thinning of live and dead trees, pile burning, mechanical and hand.

All Current and Recent Projects

Developing Proposal

  • Control Silver Peak Project

    Southern California Edison is proposing to update and reconfigure approximately 61 linear miles of two existing 55 kilovolt subtransmission lines originally designed and built in the 1930s. BLM is lead agency. Full description:

  • LADWP Long Valley Pole Removal and Pole Replacement Project

    LADWP Utility Maintenance Project:1)removal of poles & replacement of poles in one line and 2)removal of poles & rehab in second line, 3)relinquish poles

  • Southern California Edison Control-Silver Peak 55kV Reliability Project

    Installation of remote fault indicators, packet routers, and installation of remote switches along with poles replacements.

Under Analysis

  • Coyote Flat OHV Recreation Enhancement

    Improve road and motorized trail management in the Coyote Flat area. Repair system roads for safety and resource protection, review travel management decision in this area and adjust if needed for resource protection and recreation enhancement.

  • Eastern Sierra Climate and Communities Resilience Project

    Project collaboration website link: Approx. 58,000 acre forest restoration project around the Town of Mammoth Lakes. Activities may include thinning of live and dead trees, pile burning, mechanical and hand.

  • Eastern Sierra Fire Restoration and Maintenance Project

    Restore and maintain fire regimes to vegetation types characterized by frequent to moderate fire return intervals using prescribed fire and wildfires managed for resource benefit.

  • Inyo National Forest Over-Snow Vehicle (OSV) Use Designation

    The Inyo National Forest is evaluating its management of over snow vehicle (OSV) use. The purpose of this project is to designate system roads, trails and areas where OSV use will be allowed, in compliance with 36 CFR 212, Subpart C.

  • Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge Redevelopment

    Mammoth Mountain proposes redeveloping its Main Lodge area on private land, with related development on adjacent National Forest lands. Joint CEQA/NEPA analysis. Proposed construction/reconstruction of parking lots,buildings,chairlifts and ski runs.

  • Mazourka Canyon Abandoned Mine Lands Safety Closures

    Safety closures and restoration for three abandoned mine sites in Mazourka Canyon. Closures will include plugging or placing bat-friendly gates on mine shafts, removing abandoned equipment or materials, and placing rocks for more natural appearance.

  • Monache Airstrip Restoration Project

    The proposed Monache Airstrip Restoration Project would bring the airstrip back into safe operation. Volunteers with RAF would remove vegetation using hand tools within existing airstrip footprint. Usage expected up to two planes per day in summer.

  • NRCS Soil Pit Survey

    Approximately 200 soil pits will be dug roughly 18" in diameter and up to 60" deep to classify soils throughout the Golden Trout and South Sierra Wilderness. Soil will be placed back where they originated from and the area will be naturalized.

  • Permit Reissuances - Ongoing, various permit types

    Ongoing and continuous reissuance of various special use authorizations. Examples of these are resorts, research activities, utilities and events. For further information on any specific permit or permitted activities, contact Erin Noesser.

  • Reds Meadow Valley Recreation Site Renovations

    Renovations & ecological restoration at 7 recreation sites / campgrounds in Reds Meadow Valley designed to enhance overall visitor experience, ensure recreation assets support current & future visitation & protect/restore ecologically sensitive areas

  • Removal of Wild Horses Outside the Montgomery Pass Wild Horse Territory (MPWHT)

    Gather and removal of excess wild horses that are located outside MPWHT to protect rangeland resources and proposed critical habitat for greater sage-grouse as well as address public safety concerns along highways/roadways.

  • Thacher School Term Permit Reissuance for Golden Trout Wilderness School

    Reissuance of a ten year term permit to The Thacher School for operation and maintenance of Golden Trout Wilderness School in the Golden Trout Wilderness.

On Hold

  • Airport Pit Disposal Site Permit Renewal

    Reissuance of special use permit to the Town of Mammoth Lakes for operation of clean waste disposal at the Airport Pit

  • Vista Towers, multi-carrier facility at Little Antelope Communication Site

    Placement of multi-carrier building and tower at the Little Antelope Communications Site


  • Driveway permit to private residence located in the Peterson Tract, June Lake Area

    Issuance of a special use authorization for driveway for private residence

  • Inyo NF Personal Use Fuelwood Program Area Assessment

    Assessment of Inyo NF Personal Use Fuelwood Program Open areas

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.