Status of Forest Projects

This page lists forest projects in different stages of analyses.  You may also find past projects, their objectives, and their results.

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)/Appeals/Objections

SOPA - Kaibab NF

Kaibab National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Forest-Wide Outfitter and Guide Capacity Analysis and Needs Assessment

A forest-wide capacity analysis and needs assessment to identify potential new uses and new outfitter and guide operators and considering specific actions to more effectively manage uses in areas that experience high use.

Kaibab Historic Logging Railroad Interpretive Trail

This project proposes to designate an interpretive trail along a 3.67 mile stretch of historic railroad grade on the Williams Ranger District which was used for logging in the late 1800s.

Moqui Stage Stop Interpretive Sign

Proposal is to install a new interpretive sign across from an existing interpretive sign on Forest Service Road 301. The sign will provide educational information on an the historic Moqui Stage Stop, near the AZ National Scenic Trail.

Pine engraver study utilizing verbenone and other volatiles on baited traps and slash piles in AZ

Evaluate the efficacy of verbenone to deter attraction of I. pini to its aggregation pheromone, examine if adding verbenone to nonhost volatiles and acetophenone increase verbenone%u2019s effect, test verbenone for deterring I. pini attacks on slash.

U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) Monitoring Project

USGS is requesting an amendment to their existing special use permit to include installation of equipment to monitor surface flow (runoff) downslope of the Canyon Mine. Up to 5 water-detection instruments and 1 game camera will be deployed.

Under Analysis

Arizona National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan will establish the administrative objectives, policies, processes, and management guidelines necessary to fulfill the legislative requirements for national scenic trails under the National Trails System Act.

Burnt Corral Vegetation Management Project

The purposes of the Burnt Corral project is to improve forest health and vigor, while improving habitat conditions which are more resilient to change in the event of wildfire and/or other climatic condition changes. Project = 28,090 acres.

Dogtown Water Pipeline

To provide reliable and efficient water delivery to the City of Williams. Currently, the City of Williams transfers approximately 80% of the City's water supply in one existing waterline; both raw water and potable water.

Kaibab Plateau Ecological Restoration Project (KPEP)

The Forest Service is proposing vegetation thinning within a 518,000-acre project area on the NKRD by using prescribed fire and small-dia. tree thinning resulting in 319,000 acres of fuels treatments, and forest vegetation and watershed improvements.

Outfitter and Guide 10-Year Term Permit

Current Outfitter and Guides which hold special-use permits on the Kaibab National Forest must apply for a new permit on an annual basis. Switching from an annual permit to a longer-term (10-Year) permit reduces paperwork and administrative costs.

Warm Springs Tank to Mangum Springs, to Big Springs Waterline Project

The project will install 8.5 miles ( /-) of new waterline from Warm Springs tank to Mangum Springs (Phase 1~6 .8 miles), to Big Springs (Phase 2~1.7 miles), to improve the Jacob Lake public water system and associated communications and control line.

Analysis Completed

Elk Ridge Ski Area Permit Issuance

Issuance of a winter resort permit for Elk Ridge Ski Area to the new owners, Elk Ridge Recreation I, LLC using the current Master Development Plan.

Lookout Tower Removal

The Williams Ranger District is looking to Demolish two lookout towers; Red Hill and Round Mountain. These towers have been targeted for removal due to the buildings being unsafe for use.

NKRD Low-Capacity Waters Redevelopment Project

The NKRD low-capacity waters redevelopment project would replace 12 of the older style concrete wildlife drinkers and upgrade them with the newer higher capacity waters catchments and updated drinker systems.

Pit Toilet Removal

To remove and properly dispose of non-compliant wastewater systems including pit toilets and/or vaults. This includes removal of lead based paint, backfill/compaction and rough grading of the area.

Ten X Campground Expansion

The Ten X Campground Expansion project is designed to increase overnight camping opportunities for visitors to the area and improve overall experience by upgrading aging facilities and adding amenities.

On Hold

Century Link Fiber Optic Line

CenturyLink is proposing to install new fiber optic line on existing utility poles, owned by APS, which are located on the Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest (KNF).

Partridge Creek Allotment Livestock Authorization

The purpose of this project is to determine if the KNF should authorize livestock grazing for the Partridge Creek Allotment.

Prescott College Academic Outfitter and Guide Priority Use (2015-2025)

The Forest Service proposes to authorize Prescott College to conduct academic field courses year-round across forests in Arizona including adventure education, biology, human ecology, natural history, physical geography, & field ecology.


House Rock Wildlife Area (HRWA) Habitat Management Planning

Plan management activities to optimize wildlife habitat in HRWA, particularly for pronghorn, deer and bison. Actions may include thinning trees and shrubs to increase forage, and fence or use water to manage distribution of animals.

Outfitter and Guide Term Permit

The Kaibab National Forest is seeking to transition outfitter and guides from temporary use permits to term permits. These permits would be issued to companies with history of use on the Forest. Eliminating the need for reissuing permits annually.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.