In order to carry out the mission of the Forest Service, agency resource specialists develop proposals that will enhance or maintain resource values on public lands, as well as generate products. In addition, the public may submit proposals for various uses such as rights-of-way, land exchanges, and recreational events. A necessary part of the planning for these is the environmental analysis and documentation, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and agency direction.  The Klamath National Forest is involved in large-scale project planning, environmental analyses and timber management as part of our overall forest management efforts.

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"It is more trouble to consult the public than to ignore them, but that is what you are here for." - Gifford Pinchot, 1st Chief of the Forest Service 1905.


Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The current SOPA Report contains a list of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation.  Current SOPA>>>

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Travel Management

The Klamath National Forest, along with all national forests in the US,  is conducting an analysis of all the roads, trails, and areas used by motor vehicles. The outcome will identify a sustainable system of roads for motorized travel and routes/areas for off-highway vehicle use identified in the Motor Vehicle Use Map and updated yearly using public comments. More on Travel Management.


Environmental Analysis

Information on the National Environmental Policy Act, completed analyses, and proposed projects. more>>>



Klamath National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

Developing Proposal

  • Antelope and Tennant Fire Recovery

    To accelerate the re-establishment of burned forest areas, reduce dead and down fuel loading, promote resilient forest conditions, felling and removal of hazard trees for public safety. Includes post-treatment prescribed fire.

  • Cedar Flat and Skeahan Bar Fuels Reduction

    To reduce largely dense and overgrown hazardous fuels, improve the health of current plantations, and reduce fuels along roads and private property. Waterboard Waiver Category B.

  • McAdams Creek Mines

    Mining plan of operations proposed to mine the McAdams Creek Mines. Materials would be milled on site at a camp landing pad, materials would be disposed of on site. Plan of operations is for a ten year operation. Water Board Waiver n/a.

  • Poison Taylor Bridge Repair

    Bridge repairs are needed as a result of damage caused by the 2021 River Complex Fire. One wingwall of the bridge infrastructure needs to be removed and replaced.

  • Seiad Creek at Panther Gulch: Coho Habitat Enhancement Design Project

    Install ground water monitoring wells used to identify the change in the water table and water quality throughout the year as part of a multiyear feasibility study. Waterboard Waiver A.

  • Six Rivers Hazardous Fuels and Fire Management Project

    The Fuels & Fire Project would authorize a set of manual and mechanical land management tools to prepare our landscapes for up to 8,000 acres of prescribed burning every year.

Under Analysis

  • Bear Country Project

    The proposed project encompasses about 40,000 acres and is located on the Salmon River Ranger District. The focus is on fuels reduction for community protection and stand health. Water Board waiver Category B.

  • California Dept. of Water Resources Snow Course Sites Amendment and Renewal

    To renew the Department of Water Resources Special Use Permit for the continued use of snow survey data collection, and to amend the permit to include installation of three soil moisture sensors at the Scott Mountain location.

  • Discovery Day Mine

    Plan of Operations proposed to mine the Discovery Day claim. The Discovery Day Mine is an established mine site that consists of a road, three working pads, and underground tunnels. Water Board Waiver n/a.

  • Happy Camp Area Hazardous Fuels Reduction and Fire Safety Project

    Approve funding of federal money to be used on private land. The project will coordinate and implement manual non-commercial hazardous fuels reduction projects on private lands. Waterboard Waiver NA (private land).

  • Horse Creek Community WUI Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

    Purpose is to reduce hazardous fuels on private property near Forest boundaries. Federally funded (Stevens Funding) with the Horse Creek Fire Safe Council. Water Board Waiver N/A, private land.

  • Klamath River at Humbug: Thermal Refuge and Side Channel Enhancement Project

    Implement hydrologic connection to existing mining pond, and restoration of existing side channel. Waterboard Waiver n/a.

  • N. Robinson Road Access and M. Malinowski Gate and Road Access New Special Use Permit(s)

    Robinson: Create approximately 60 ft. wide of new road to access the upper portion of their 62 acre private property. Malinowski: Gate and road access and maintenance to private property with 16 ft. gate. Waiver exempt.

  • Oak Knoll Range

    Authorize cattle grazing within East Beaver, Ash Creek, and Hornbrook Allotments and implement an adaptive management strategy. Water Board Waiver Category B expected.

  • Pacific Power Master Special Use Permit

    Consolidation of 16 existing special use permits to promote efficiency of the operation and maintenance of the existing permits.

  • Red Bank Habitat Enhancement Project

    To increase abundance of complex off-channel habitat for coho salmon, spring-run Chinook, and other salmonids by providing both winter high flow and summer thermal refugia at the Red Bank river bar on the N. Fk Salmon River. Water Waiver not eligible

  • Red Salmon Fire Recovery

    To accelerate the re-establishment of burned forest areas, reduce the amount of future dead and down fuel loading and create a ridgetop fuel break at strategic locations within the Red Salmon Fire footprint. Water Waiver Cat. B.

  • Region 5 Post-Disturbance Hazardous Tree Management Project

    Hazard tree felling and removal is proposed to reduce public safety hazards along portions of certain roads, trails and facilities within nine national forests. We expect to complete three zone-level analyses and nine decisions.

  • River Complex Risk Reduction

    To respond to conditions created by the 2021 River Complex: Accelerate re-establishment of conifers and reduce fuel loading in high severity patches, reduce fuels on roads and ridges for future fire management, and promote scientific research.WB CatB

  • Slater-McCash Planting

    Regenerate burned areas. Treatments: slashing dead material, hand-piling portions of slashed material, burning of hand-piles, hand-planting of native mixed-conifer species, and hand-release (grubbing) as needed to promote seedling survival. Waiver A

Analysis Completed

  • Crawford Vegetation Management Project

    Thinning in stands for forest health and fuels reduction, with fuels treatments including underburning and pile burning on about 1,600 acres. Water Board 2010 Waiver Category B.

  • Gate Installation and Seasonal Road Closure on FS Road 46N73

    Installation of a seasonal gate on Forest Service Road 46N73. New special use permit. Water Board Waiver n/a.

  • Gunsight-Humbug Ridge Siskiyou Mariposa Lily Integrated Pest Management

    Integrated pest management project to protect and enhance habitat for the Siskiyou mariposa lily. Water Board Waiver Category A expected.

On Hold

  • Bentley, H. New Special Use Permit

    Issuance of a new special use permit to install a new above-ground water line. No new disturbance is proposed with this project. Water Board Waiver N/A.

  • Bray and Horsethief Grazing Allotment Analysis

    To inform the responsible official of the environmental consequences of re-authorizing livestock grazing. Water Board 2010 Waiver Category B.

  • China Point

    Response to proposed Plan of Operations to mine the China Point claim, in compliance with General Mining Act of 1872. China Point is a 30-acre unpatented mining claim. Water Board Waiver n/a; permits requested by mining claimants.

  • Pacific Power Underground Installation to Scott River Lodge

    Install underground power line through 3-inch diameter conduit in Scott River Road for 1.1 miles for Pacific Power to provide services to a private customer. Water Board Waiver Cat. A

  • Recreation Outfitter and Guides Special Use Permits Analysis

    Analyze the reauthorization of Recreation Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permits. Water Board Waiver N/A.

  • Siskiyou Telephone Special Use Permit Amendment for Phone Line Installation

    Amend Special Use Permit to plow down 1100 feet to install an underground phone line to a private residence. Water Board Waiver exempt.

  • South End

    Vegetation management and fuels reduction project with watershed restoration, resource protection, and public safety aspects. Water Board Waiver Category B expected.

  • South Fork Project

    To provide for safe ingress and egress in the event of a large-scale wildfire for public and firefighting resources; as well as promote resiliency of forested lands to insects and disease, and the effects of large-scale wildfire. RWB Cat. B expected.


  • Burnett Road Easement New Special Use Permit

    Road access of 1,500 feet long and 12 feet wide to private property and a water system consisting of 1,000 feet of 2 inch line. Water Board Waiver N/A.

  • Dry Lake and Horse Creek Grazing Allotment Management

    Authorize livestock grazing within Dry Lake and Horse Creek grazing allotments. Water Board Waiver Category B expected.

  • Elk Creek Fuels and Vegetation Project

    Fuels reduction treatments on National Forest lands along private property, egress and ingress roads, other Forest Service roads used for strategic fire fighting use, and ridges. Water Board Waiver Category B expected.

  • Fox Fire Risk Reduction Project

    Proposed to provide safer conditions for the public, adjacent private landowners, fire fighters, and other forest workers. There is also a need to focus on fuels reduction to reduce the risk of future large-scale high severity fire.Water Waiver Cat B

  • FS48 Grayback Slump

    Recontouring approximately 0.25 acre footprint of land (estimated 800 cubic yds of disturbed material in the form of existing berms in that footprint) to re-establish natural drainage. This footprint is causing Grayback Rd to slump. Waiver Category B

  • Petersburg Administrative Site Fuels Maintenance

    Proposed to protect the Petersburg Administrative Site infrastructure from the occurrence of wildfires and restore fire's role in the ecosystem. The proposed action is to reduce fuels through prescribed fire and hand thinning. Water Waiver Cat. A.

  • Pumice Vegetation Management Project

    Reduce fuel loads and improve forest health: 9,310 acre project area; 6,209 acres treatment. Water Board Waiver Category B.

  • Yellow Jacket Ridge

    Precommercial thinning, release and fuels reduction in plantations and in natural stands on about 2,600 acres along Yellow Jacket Ridge. Water Board Waiver Category B.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.