Resource Advisory Committees (RAC) - Payments to States

On October 30, 2000, Congress signed Public Law 106-393. This law is called the "Secure Rural School and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000" and commonly known as Payments to States.

Transportation Analysis

The Lassen National Forest has completed its forest-scale transportation analysis to provide the context for road management within the overall resource management framework.

Forest Projects

Creeks II DEIS

Lassen National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Developing Proposal

  • Conservation Covenant plan amendment for lands donated by PG&E.

    Amend the forest plan to adopt the conservation covenant objects for PG&E donated parcels.

  • Harvey Mountain Project

    Designed to improve forest health, wildlife habitat, and improve watershed function by reducing overall tree stand density and fuels. Some of the methods proposed include grapple piling, mastication, herbicides, pile burning and prescribed fire.

  • Hat Creek Apiary Permit Renewal Project

    The Lassen National Forest (LNF) proposes issuing two (2) permits to replace expired authorizations to operate apiary sites within the Lassen National Forest.

  • Northwest Forest Plan Amendment

    The 21 members of the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) Federal Advisory Committee will provide NWFP modernization recommendations to the USFS.

  • West Lassen Headwaters Landscape Restoration Project

    The Lassen National Forest is proposing management activities on approximately 101,000 acres of National Forest System lands to improve forest resilience and watershed health and reduce fuels to protect local communities.

Under Analysis

  • Colby Mountain Recreation Project CE

    Lassen National Forest proposes to construct approximately 36 miles of new single-track trail and other improvments out of the Jonesville Snowmobile Park and to add parking and restrooms at Humboldt Summit and NFS Roads 27N06/27N36.

  • Dixie Postfire Restoration and Recovery

    Project supports postfire recovery and restoration in areas burned in 2021 Dixie Fire. A variety of veg and fuels treatments are designed to maintain or promote desired stand structure, reduce fuel loads, increase resilience, and facilitate recovery.

  • Fredonyer Butte Trail Project

    Develop approximately 24.5 miles of multi-use, non-motorized loop trails & two trailheads, for hiking/walking, bicycling & equestrian use. Trailheads near Fredonyer Crest & Goumaz Campground would include parking, informational kiosks & restrooms.

  • Hat Creek-Westwood PG&E Powerline Clearance

    Project would remove hazardous fuels on the PG&E Hat Creek#1-Westwood 60kV Powerline. Vegetation would be cleared 40 ft out from centerline on both sides of the line and thinned 160 ft beyond that. Total width 400 ft, total length approx. 42 miles.

  • LNF Wildfire Cameras Project

    USDA Forest Service Lassen National Forest Proposes authorizing Digital Path as a contractor for the University of Nevada, Reno Seismological Laboratory to install ALERTWildfire Cameras at 4 designated communication sites on National Forest land.

  • OHV MVUM Update Project

    This project enhances off-highway motorized recreation opportunity by increasing the mileage of existing roads and connectivity of routes, available to off highway vehicles, while providing for public safety and protecting resources.

  • Pikes Point Low Water Boat Launch

    Provide access to Eagle Lake on extremely low water years by constructing a new low water boat ramp. Alternatives are being considered based on public feedback and concerns. Email comments to:

  • Upper Butte Creek Forest Health Project

    This project aims to improve forest and meadow health and increase resiliency of wildlife habitat, the Wildland Urban Interface and of cultural resources on 19,881 acres.

Analysis Completed

  • Lassen National Forest Over-Snow Vehicle(OSV) Use Designation

    The Forest Service is evaluating management of over snow vehicle (OSV) use on the Lassen National Forest for the designation of LNF system roads, trails, and areas where OSV use will be allowed.

  • Region 5 Post-Disturbance Hazardous Tree Management Project

    Hazard tree felling and removal is proposed to reduce public safety hazards along portions of certain roads, trails and facilities within nine national forests. We expect to complete three zone-level analyses and nine decisions.

On Hold

  • 17 Road Crossings Project, Phase II

    This project is intended to restore a degraded section of North Digger Creek Channel, reduce the sediment entering the Battle Creek watershed, provide effective aquatic organism passage, protect NFS infrastructure, and enhance aspen stands.

  • Backbone Project

    The purpose of the Backbone Project is to improve forest health and diversity, improve fire resilience, improve wildlife habitat resilience, and increase carbon sequestration.

  • Citizens Utility Company Aerial Telephone Line project

    Authorize Citizens Communications Co. of CA (Frontier) to install an overhead phone cable from a utility pole on National Forest System Lands to a utility pole on Big Springs Estates. Aerial cable is ~300'long w/aerial phone line 6' below power line.

  • Green Badger Forest Health Restoration Project

    Hat Creek Ranger District is proposing forest health and resilience treatments, near Badger Mountain in Old Station, CA, to reduce wildfire risk, promote forest health and diversity, protect resource values, and restore ecological processes.

  • Homer/Deerheart Lake Protection Project

    The main project objective is to block illegal OHV use in the Homer/Deerheart Lake Special Interest Area. The LNF will replace an existing ineffective boulder barrier road closure with a metal gate. Additional closure sites will also be considered.


  • Butte County Radio Repeater Project

    LNF proposes for Butte Co Sheriff's Office S&R to install a VHF radio repeater including shelter, batteries, antenna, and solar panels, an emergency radio communications repeater by issuing a Special Use Authorization for private mobile radio service

  • Dyer Mountain Communication Site Development

    Plumas County Sheriff's office propose to construct and develop a communications tower and prefabricated communications vault for the operation and maintenance of emergency radio communication equipment, at the current Dyer Mountain Lookout location.

  • Grizzly Restoration Project

    Grizzly proposes to move Forest road 26N11 away from Scotts John Crk; increase forest resilience, decrease fuels, maintain/improve wildlife habitat through thinning and prescribed fire; and implement actions to support three research proposals

  • Hat Creek-Westwood Hazard Reduction Project

    The project involves timber stand improvements designed to reduce hazards associated with PG&E's Hat Creek to Westwood transmission line.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.