Resource Advisory Committees (RAC) - Payments to States

On October 30, 2000, Congress signed Public Law 106-393. This law is called the "Secure Rural School and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000" and commonly known as Payments to States.

Transportation Analysis

The Lassen National Forest has completed its forest-scale transportation analysis to provide the context for road management within the overall resource management framework.

Forest Projects

Creeks II DEIS

Lassen National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Confluence Meadow Restoration Project

Restore meadow hydrology and habitat by redirecting flow into historic remnant channels along a reach of Pine Creek while filling the degraded channel and ditch to match the floodplain elevation.

Lassen National Forest Over-Snow Vehicle(OSV) Use Designation

The Forest Service is evaluating management of OSV use on the Lassen National Forest and is releasing a Revised Draft EIS (RDEIS) for the designation of LNF system roads, trails, and areas where OSV use will be allowed.

Lassen National Forest PG&E Master Special Use Permit Renewal Project

Approve continued operation, maintenance and use of existing distribution and transmission powerlines and infrastructure for Pacific Gas and Electric located within designated corridors on the Lassen National Forest

Plum Restoration Project

This restoration project will encompass: surface fuels treatment for fire hazard reduction; thinning for ponderosa pine, silver sage, meadow and aspen enhancements; noxious weed treatments; and road improvements.

Southwest Lassen Watershed Improvement Project

The LNF proposes a limited set of activities that could be implemented to address the purpose and need. The activities can be categorized into two different types: activities at road-stream intersections and rehabilitation of non-NFS routes.

Table Mountain Wildfire Protection Project

This project would reduce vegetation density on 70 acres surrounding the Table Mountain Communications Site in order to reduce the risk of wildfire and minimize signal interference to the microwave path that supports critical infrastructure.

Whaleback Fire Salvage

Project focus: Treating priority areas in Whaleback Fire footprint by reducing safety hazards along roads, fuel breaks & treatment areas; recover economic value of burned trees; reduce fuel loads; accelerate reforestation; & treating Aspen stands.

Analysis Completed

Little Bear Forest Health Restoration Project

Little Bear Restoration is proposed to increase forest health and diversity with variable thinning and fuels treatments. This project includes research proposals for future management activities and was **originally part of the Grizzly Project.


Grizzly Restoration Project

Grizzly proposes to move Forest road 26N11 away from Scotts John Crk; increase forest resilience, decrease fuels, maintain/improve wildlife habitat through thinning and prescribed fire; and implement actions to support three research proposals

Rocks Restoration

The Rocks Restoration project proposes fuels reduction, vegetation management, aspen and meadow habitat improvement, and reforestation of some moderate to high severity burned areas.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.