Welcome to the Lincoln's Projects page.  This page will link you to currently proposed and active projects as well as provide you with links to past projects. For current projects see the links below. For past projects, please refer to the 'related links' to the right.

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Lincoln National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Under Analysis

Bluff Springs Bridge Repair

The bridge at the Bluff Springs recreation area is in poor condition and presents a potential safety hazard. We propose to remove the faulty components of the superstructure and replace them.

Bug Scuffle Wet Meadow Restoration

Purpose is to improve water availability and riparian habitat for wildlife. We propose to restore the existing wetland to improve its function and replace the existing fence to prevent livestock from accessing the wet meadow.

Himalayan Blackberry Removal at Sitting Bull Falls

Himalayan blackberry has become established within the riparian zone and along Trail 68 above Sitting Bull Falls following the Last Chance Fire in 2011. We propose to remove blackberry in the affected area using manual and mechanical methods.

Integrated Non-Native Invasive Plant Management

The forest will be developing a proposal to manage the nonnative invasive plants within the Lincoln National Forest's boundaries. Adaptive management would be incorporated into the analysis.

Lewis-Upper Burnt Pipelines Watering Facilities

This project would provide sufficient water for cattle operations and improve livestock distribution on the Lewis-Upper Burnt grazing allotment. We propose to install three above-ground pipelines and associated storage tanks and drinkers.

Lincoln National Forest Plan Revision

Our draft assessment under forest plan revision is now available for review and public comment. Information on the revision process is also available on our forest website:

Reopen Gravel Pits for Administrative Use

Reopen 6 existing gravel pits across the Forest for admin use to excavate, crush and stockpile rock for future road maintenance; 1 pit on the Smokey Bear RD, 2 on the Sacramento Ranger RD and 3 on the Guadalupe RD. Excavation to be completed in 1 yr.

Sargent Grazing Allotment

Environmental analysis for the continuation of grazing authorization.

South Sacramento Restoration Project

Restore forest health on the approximately 140,000-acre planning area in the southern Sacramento Mountains. Project is designed to meet restoration objectives at a landscape-scale, primarily in mixed conifer and ponderosa pine forest.

Tanbark Adit Bat Gate

Reclosure of an Abandoned Mineland feature that had been reopened due to vandalism. Adit will be closed with bat-friendly gating to prevent human entry in order to protect bat habitat from human disturbance and to provide for public safety.

Analysis Completed

Agua Chiquita Fence, Trap, and Trick Tank

Fencing of approx. 113 acres including construction of permanent fence to replace existing electric fence (13 ac.), and new trap (100 ac.) with handling facilities and a trickle ("trick") tank.

Hale Lake Area Management

The Smokey Bear Ranger District is proposing changes to the management of lands near Hale Lake that would improve the access to a variety of recreation uses within the Hale Lake area, while addressing issues with travel management and recreation.

New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Habitat Improvement Projects on the Sacramento Grazing Allotment

The Sacramento Ranger District of the Lincoln National Forest is proposing to construct habitat improvement projects on the Sacramento Grazing Allotment to aid in the protection of New Mexico meadow jumping mouse (NMMJM) critical habitat.

Perk-Grindstone Fuels Reduction/Prescribed Fire

Fire management, fuels management

Smokey Bear North Habitat Improvement Project

The Smokey Bear Ranger District is proposing to authorize the treatment of an approximately 90,750 acre are for habitat improvement, including mechanical treatment, prescribed fire, and cut-stump herbicide use on juniper.

On Hold

Carrissa Storage and Pipeline off Monument Spring

The proposed action is to construct a new storage tank on approximately 10 miles of above ground replacement pipeline. The pipeline would begin on the Agua Chiquita allotment and end on the Carrissa allotment.

Escondido Grazing Allotment Management

Continue livestock grazing on the Escondido Allotment

Otero County Electric Co-Op ROW Widening Salvage - 1st Round

Removal of sawtimber and piling of activity-generated slash within approx. 250-acre project area.

Russia Canyon Trick Tank

The proposed action is to install a new trick tank including a catchment pad, storage tank and drinker on the Russia Allotment.

San Andres Grazing Allotment Management

Continuation of livestock grazing on the San Andres Allotment.

Silver Springs Meadow Restoration

Installation of stream and wetland restoration structures such as beaver dam analogues, Zuni bowls (a step-pool pond feature), one-rock dams, woody debris in channels, and other grade control structures along approx. 1 mile of stream channel.

Upper Rio Penasco Stream Restoration Phase I

Activities on approx. 0.5 mile of stream channel including the construction of Zuni bowls, worm ditches, media lunas, one-rock dams, flow-splitters, beaver dam analogues, and other grade control structures such as using woody debris.


New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Habitat Improvement Projects on the Agua Chiquita Grazing Allotment

The Sacramento Ranger District of the Lincoln National Forest is proposing to construct habitat improvement projects on the Agua Chiquita Grazing Allotment to aid in the protection of New Mexico meadow jumping mouse (NMMJM) critical habitat.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.