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Status of Forest Projects

These are analyses we conduct for specific activities. Also included in this list are past projects, their objectives, and their results. The projects displayed on this page are only the major forest projects. For more information about a specific project or other project not listed, contact the appropriate Lolo NF Office.

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

Lolo National Forest SOPA

Forest Projects

For current and recent projects, scroll down below the map.

Lolo National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Developing Proposal

  • Lolo Creek Restoration at Earl Tennant Project

    Proposed in-stream modifications of Lolo Creek to improve aquatic habitat, including addition of large woody debris and reconnection of historic channels.

  • Tyler's Kitchen Fuels and Forest Health Project

    Proposed Fuels and Forest Health project on approximately 33,440 acres located south east of the confluence of Rock Creek and the Clark Fork River in Granite County and Missoula County on the Missoula Ranger District of the Lolo National Forest.

Under Analysis

  • Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex Outfitter and Guide Permit Reauthorization

    Reissuance of outfitter and guide permits within the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.

  • Lolo National Forest Land Management Plan Revision

    Land management plan revision for the Lolo National Forest under the 2012 Planning Rule.

  • Munson Weeksville Ecosystem Management Burning Project

    Proposed prescribed burning north of Highway 200 between Weeksville Creek and Thompson River in Sanders County Montana on the Lolo National Forest. The project would reduce fuel accumulations and improve wildlife habitat.

  • North Seeley Wildland Urban Interface - Highway 83 Project

    The project proposes vegetation and road management activities to reduce hazardous fuels, restore fire resistant vegetative conditions, maintain or restore fish and wildlife habitat, and provide for public health and safety.

  • Redd Bull

    Integrated restoration project that includes vegetation, road, and recreation management activities to address multiple resource objectives. Project also includes forest plan amendment to change the management area allocation on approx. 198 acres.

  • Rock Creek Ecosystem Maintenance Burning Project

    Proposed prescribed burning within the Rock Creek drainage in Granite County Montana on the Lolo National Forest. The project would improve big game habitat, forage, and reduce fuels to moderate wildfire hazard and potential spread to communities.

  • Sawmill/Wallman Fuels Project

    A proposal to reduce hazardous fuels on 305 acres within the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area. Methods would include hand thinning, hand-piling, pile burning, and underburning.

  • Upper O'Brien Creek Restoration Project

    Restoration of approximately 1.8 miles of O'Brien Creek to restore stream function and health.

  • Westside Ninemile Wildfire Resiliency Project

    The project proposes to reduce the risk to wildfire by promoting healthy forest stands that are resilient to insects, disease, and wildfires as well as improve conditions for wildfire suppression through implementation of fuel treatments.

  • Wildfire Adapted Missoula

    WAM is a risk-based strategic fuels management project. It proposes mechanized and non-mechanized fuel and vegetation treatments to reduce wildfire hazard and associated risk in strategic locations.

  • Wilkes Cherry

    The Forest Service is developing a project to address multiple resource needs such as forest health, fuels reduction, recreation, wildlife, aquatic habitat, and watershed condition in an approximately 68,000-acre area south of Thompson Falls.

  • Wilson Cutoff Siegel Ecosystem Managment Burning Project

    Proposed prescribed burning within Siegel, Wallace, Dragonfly, Sheep, Wilson, and Robertson Creeks in Sanders County Montana on the Lolo National Forest. The project would reduce fuel accumulations and improve wildlife habitat.

Analysis Completed

  • Superior North

    Project includes vegetation, road, and recreation management activities to restore resilient vegetative conditions, reduce fuels, enhance recreation opportunities, and support communities. It also contains a proposal to amend the Forest Plan.

  • Terms and Conditions for City of Missoula McKinley Lake Dam Decommissioning and Restoration Project

    The City of Missoula holds an easement on McKinley Lake Dam and plans to decommission it. The Lolo NF proposal is to develop terms and conditions to minimize impacts of dam decommissioning activities on NFS lands, resources and wilderness values.

On Hold

  • Sapphire Crest Trail

    Trail construction and reconstruction to connect existing trail segments, creating a 100-mile long non-motorized trail across the Lolo, Bitterroot, and Beaverhead National Forests on the Sapphire Divide.


  • Familias Doradas gold exploration project

    Includes excavating up to twenty trenches, and two sediment retention ponds with an excavator. Material from the trenches would be processed through a recirculating wash plant recovering any gold.

  • Lolo Creek Large Wood Debris

    This project would utilize large hazard trees cut after the 2013 Lolo Complex Fire to construct large woody debris structures on Lolo Creek to enhance aquatic habitat and improve stream and floodplain health.

  • Priscilla Lookout to Driveway Peak

    Relocation and restoration of historic Priscilla Peak lookout. Proposal includes moving the structure from Priscilla Peak to Driveway Peak, restoring it, and opening it as a cabin rental.

  • Thompson Gardens Fuel Break

    The project proposes to reduce wildfire risk to communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems in the path of potential future wildfires and improve forest conditions that have departed from historic norms.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

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