Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Schedule of Proposed Actions is published quarterly to provide notice of current projects in Los Padres National Forest that may require environmental analysis. Project descriptions and contact information are provided so that you can be aware of upcoming activities and gain information on Forest projects. Please contact the person listed for specific information on projects of interest.

The Forest Service now has an on-line, web-based Schedule of Proposed Actions located on the national website. This program will allow anyone with access to a computer to view all Schedule of Proposed Actions produced at all forests within the agency. Using this new program, Schedule of Proposed Actions may be searched by multiple subjects, including geography, activity and NEPA document to be produced. Schedule of Proposed Actions »

Los Padres National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

Monterey County ALERT Flood Warning System

Authorize via special use permit operation, maintenance, and repair of eight existing ALERT flood warning installations. Four of the flood warning system installations are located in the Ventana Wilderness, and four are located outside of wilderness.

Piru Creek Wild and Scenic River (WSR) - Comprehensive River Management Plan (CRMP)

The Forest Service will develop a CRMP for Piru Creek WSR, consistent with the WSR Act and Interagency Guidance for CRMP's. The CRMP may amend existing Land Management Plans to adopt new anagement direction for Piru Creek WSR.

Under Analysis

DOJ Tower Replacement at Tassajera Peak Communications Site

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) proposes to replace their existing 20' tower with a new 40' tower on an approximately 8' x 8' concrete pad within the existing footprint of the communications site, and enclosed by a new 22' x 28' security fence.

Mount Pinos Forest Health Project

Healthy Forest thinning project designed to improve the health and vigor of the existing stands and to make the stands more resilient to stressors such as drought, insects & wildfire.

NCW Tower Replacement at Black Mountain Commuications Site

New Cingular Wireless proposes to replace their existing 60' tower with a new 80' tall 3-leg lattice tower. The existing equipment cabinet would be replaced with a new 11'x 25' building, and the existing generator and propane tank would be replaced.

Porter, Pine Canyon and South Fork La Brea Grazing Allotments

Proposal to authorize continued grazing on the Porter, Pine Canyon and South Fork La Brea Allotments.

Reyes Peak Forest Health and Fuels Reduction

In the Reyes Peak Ridge Area, treatments would be completed to reduce surface and ladder fuels, reduce potential fire intensities and make the area more resilient to wildfire for community protection, forest health, and to protect wildlife habitat.

West Cuesta Sustainable Trail Development and Botanical Area Restoration project

Improve resource conditions and protect the Cuesta Botanical Special Interest Area on West Cuesta Ridge by providing sustainable managed recreation activities consistent with Los Padres LMP, to include designating 10 mountain bike trails.

Analysis Completed

Pacific Bell Communications Tower near Manuel Peak

Pacific Bell Telephone Company proposes to install a 35' tall, 3-leg lattice tower on 14' x 14' concrete foundation. In addition, a 10'4" tall x 6'8" wide solar array would be installed on six 24"-diameter concrete piers.

Rancho Alegre Water System permit reissuance

A redwood-settling tank at the top of the waterfall in Tequepis Creek provides for water to be gravity fed through a pipe to Rancho Alegre Boy Scout Camp. The line system is cast iron 2" and 3" pipeline. The line is approximately 1.5 mile in length.

SLO Tower Replacement at Cuesta Peak Communications Site

San Luis Obispo County proposes to replace their existing 50' tower with a new 100' tower on an approximately 20' by 20' concrete pad within the existing footprint of the communications site.

On Hold

Applications for Permit to Drill (APD's) in the Sespe Oil Field

Carbon California is requesting to drill 8 oil and gas wells at 4 existing well pads, installation of 7,960 feet of new pipeline, a 400 barrel emergency tank, a transfer pump, three pressure vessels, and 2 master headers in the Sespe Oil Field.

Circle V Youth Organization Camp - water system, special use permit renewal

Renewal of expired water system permit - Special Use Permit to include: spring diversion at Hilton Spring, waterline, 2 water storage tanks, water treatment facility and access road to tank and treatment facility.

Winchester Canyon Gun Club

Proposal to issue a permit for ongoing operation of exisitng target range. Previously an EA (project #2147) overturned on appeal. Project is in or adjacent to Tequepis IRA.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.