Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Schedule of Proposed Actions is published quarterly to provide notice of current projects in Los Padres National Forest that may require environmental analysis. Project descriptions and contact information are provided so that you can be aware of upcoming activities and gain information on Forest projects. Please contact the person listed for specific information on projects of interest.

The Forest Service now has an on-line, web-based Schedule of Proposed Actions located on the national website. This program will allow anyone with access to a computer to view all Schedule of Proposed Actions produced at all forests within the agency. Using this new program, Schedule of Proposed Actions may be searched by multiple subjects, including geography, activity and NEPA document to be produced. Schedule of Proposed Actions »

Los Padres National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Under Analysis

Applications for Permit to Drill (APD's) in the Sespe Oil Field

Seneca Resources is requesting to drill 8 oil and gas wells at 4 existing well pads, installation of 7,960 feet of new pipeline, a 400 barrel emergency tank, a transfer pump, three pressure vessels, and 2 master headers in the Sespe Oil Field.

Cold Springs Trail (26W10) Mono Jungle Reroute

Proposal to reroute an approximate one-mile section of the Cold Spring Trail (26W01) out of the Gibraltar Reservoir sedimentation bed to an upland location that will provide more sustainability and improve the trail user experience.

Cuddy Valley Forest Health/Fuels Reduction Project

Healthy Forest Thinning Project within areas at risk or currently being impacted by insects.

Davy Brown and Munch Creek Aquatic Organism Passage Project

Proposal to remove one concrete low-water crossing on Munch Creek and complete channel restoration, and replace two low-water crossings on Davy Brown Creek with stream-spanning bridges to improve aquatic organism passage.

Forest-Wide Invasive Plant Program

Formerly called the Forest-Wide Noxious Weed Program. The intent of the project is to control targeted invasive plant species throughout the Los Padres National Forest using an integrated treatment approach.

La Brea Restoration

Restore access opportunity, watershed stability and ecological protection to the N. Fork of La Brea Creek area following damage caused by the 2009 La Brea Fire & subsequent flooding events that resulted in extensive road damage and sediment loading.

Level 1 & 2 Trail Maintenance on Ojai Ranger District

The Ojai Ranger District proposes to perform Level 1 & 2 maintenance on all of existing trails within the existing trail corridors.

Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric Master Authorization Renewal

Approve continued operation, maintenance and use of existing distribution and transmission powerlines and infrastructure for SCE and PGE located within existing corridors on the Los Padres National Forest

Special Use Authorization Issuance for Existing Communications Uses

Multiple authorizations for existing communication facilities that support AM/FM radio, television, cellular service, and other uses will expire soon. The proposal is to re-issue authorizations for these existing uses for new terms as they expire.

Strategic Community Fuelbreak Improvement Project

To re-establish and maintain 24.1 miles of historically used fuelbreaks, all of which originated as firelines within the wildland urban interface threat zones on NFS lands; approximately 7.5 miles in wilderness and 16.6 miles outside of wilderness.

Tecuya Ridge Shaded Fuelbreak Project

Healthy Forest Thinning Project within areas at risk or currently being impacted by insects.

Winchester Canyon Gun Club

Proposal to issue a permit for ongoing operation of exisitng target range. Previously an EA (project #2147) overturned on appeal. Project is in or adjacent to Tequepis IRA.

Analysis Completed

AT&T fiber optic line permit reissuance.

AT&T requests the reissuance of 2 fiber optic line permits - MPD11001 and MPD429401. The entire length of the cable is approximately 15.23 miles of which 6.93 miles are on NF lands. All line exists within Kern Co Rd RoW on existing power poles.

Blue Point Campground and Day Use Removal and Restoration Project

The Ojai Ranger District proposes to decommission the campground and infrastructure (parking, spurs, campsites, concrete ford, and rip-rap bank protection) utilizing heavy equipment to remove infrastructure and restore area to natural conditions.

On Hold

Mt. Manuel Repeater

The purpose of this project is to provide more reliable and accessible Forest Service radio coverage within the Big Sur area by installing a radio repeater vault on Manuel Peak.

Porter, Pine Canyon and South Fork La Brea Grazing Allotments

Proposal to authorize continued grazing on the Porter, Pine Canyon and South Fork La Brea Allotments. This project is located within five IRA's; Horseshoe Spring, La Brea, Miranda Pine, Spoor Canyon, and Tepusquet Peak.

Seneca 2013 Pipeline Relocation Project

Re-issue a SUP for an existing six inch gas pipeline for a new term allowing relocation of a segment of the line and installation of an inspection device launcher on the line.

Seneca Pipeline Special Use Permits Renewal

Issuance of two new special use permits for a new term to replace two expired special use permits with only administrative changes. There are no changes to the authorized facilities or increase in the scope or intensity of activities.

Union Pacific Railroad Communication Site Improvements - Tassajera Communications Site

Union Pacific Railroad proposes to remove existing 8'x20' building, replace with a 10'x18' building, fence area, pour four concrete pads: 12'x20', 2'x4', 4'x6', and 3'x8' for building & entrance, generator & propane tank at Tassajera Communications


AT&T California Master Special Use Permit Renewal

AT&T requests to renew & consolidate all existing linear rights-of-way special use authorizations into 1 master permit for a 30-yr. term. Existing facilities are on the Monterey, Santa Lucia, Mt. Pinos & Ojai Districts. One line is in Black Mt. IRA.

DWR Gauge and Road Maintenance

Issuance of a Special Use Permit to the Department of Water Resources for use of a water flow gauge on Piru Creek and the maintenance of the Hardluck Road.

El Dorado Broadcasters, LLC Tower Replacement and Building Upgrade - Cuesta Peak Communications Site

El Dorado Broadcasters, LLC has requested authorization to replace a 55 ft. wooden pole with a 200 ft. self-supporting transmitter tower and upgrade the existing 18x18 ft. concrete block building located at Cuesta Peak Communications Site.

PGE Master Distribution Easement

Pacific Gas & Electric application to consolidate and renew 8 existing authorizations for existing distribution facilities for a 50-yr term. All lines are 12 kv and have a total length of 8.2 miles occupying 35 acres. In or adjacent to Tequepas IRA.

PGE Master Special Use Permit

PGE application to renew & consolidate 8 existing use authorizations for existing distribution facilities that generally serve a single facility into a single master permit for a 30-yr term. In or adjacent to Black Mtn., Garcia Mtn, & Fox Mtn. IRA's.

PGE Master Transmission Easement

Pacific Gas & Electric application to consolidate and renew 8 existing authorizations for existing transmission facilities for a 50-yr term. Relisted as CE because preliminary results of resource surveys show no significant effects.

Sierra Club Outfitter & Guide Special Use Permit

The Ventura Chapter of the Sierra Club submitted a proposal to change their existing temporary Special Use Permit to a term permit.

Tamarisk Beetle Release Pilot Program

In partnership with the NFWF and the UCSB RIVRLab, the proposal is to release the northern tamarisk beetle within a focused segment of the Sespe River to control an invasion of the noxious weed tamarisk, and complete post release monitoring.

Zaca and Piru Fire Burn Area Level 3 Trail Maintenance

Trails within the burned areas have been damaged by erosion resultant from the removal of native vegetation by the fires. The purpose of this project is to repair heavily damaged trail sections through reconstruction and rerouting.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

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