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Lake Tahoe Basin Mgt Unit Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

AT&T New Communication Site SUP

AT&T has proposed to construct a new cellular communications site. The site would include a 140-foot tower and an equipment shed.

Placer County North Tahoe Bike Trail Segment 1

Construction of Segment 1 (1.7 miles; 2.88ac. on federal lands) of paved, non-motorized, multi-use North Tahoe Regional Trail connecting Kings Beach and Tahoe City as described within the Placer Co. Regional Plan and TRPA Transportation Plan.

Under Analysis

Basin Wide Trails Analysis Project

Project would alter trail system map to allow Class 1 e-bikes on specific trails and clarify trails where motorized access is permitted. Also would upgrade road/trail crossings over streams and wet areas, and upgrade trailhead parking areas.

El Dorado County - Renew Erosion Control SUP

The special use permits for El Dorado County have expired and an application for their renewal has been submitted. The permits authorize erosion control improvements on National Forest System lands.

El Dorado County Bike Path

El Dorado County proposed to build a section of a bike path on National Forest System lands. The permit application proposes that the bike path be added via amendment to existing special use permit that authorizes other El Dorado County bike paths.

El Dorado County Erosion Control - Oflyng

Construct new erosion control structures to reduce stormwater runoff. Add the structures via amendment to an existing special use permit that authorizes El Dorado County erosion control improvements.

Homewood Mtn Authorization Cat-Ski Operations

Continue use of national forest lands for guided cat-ski tour operations in Ellis Peak and Knee Ridge areas for tours, adding a route that extends eastward along Knee Ridge to North Bowl.

Lake Tahoe West

Healthy Forests and Watershed planning at a landscape scale on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe

Lakewide Control of Aquatic Invasive Plants

Conduct aquatic plant control and management throughout suitable habitat areas in Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada and the Truckee River. Partners with Tahoe Resource Conservation District and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

Lakewide Control of Warm Water Fish

Use mechanical methods for control of target invasive fish in the Lake Tahoe regions. Target invasive fish species are species that contribute to declines in native and desirable recreational non-native fish.

Meeks Bay Restoration

Restoration of Meeks Creek in Meeks Marina, remove marina, construct a pier and new boat ramp, reconstruct Meeks campground, BMPs, pedestrian bridge over Meeks Creek, pathways, beach access, parking improvements, AIS station, utility upgrades.

NV Energy Resilience Corridors Project

Approximately 5,300 acres, the project consists of vegetation treatments in forest corridors adjacent to Nevada Energy transmission power lines. Improves wildlife habitat, forest health, and fuel reduction. COMMENT PERIOD BEGINS 11/20/20.

Round Hill General Improvement District Renew Water SUP

Renew the expired special use permit for Round Hill General Improvement District. Proposed new facilities include a secondary 150,000 gallon water storage tank, security fencing and employee bathroom.

South Tahoe Public Utility District - Angora Road SUP renewal

Renew the special use permit (SUP) for the expired Angora water tank access road. The application proposes that the road be added via amendment to an existing SUP that authorizes all STPUD water system improvements.

South Tahoe Public Utility District - Retaining Wall for Water Tank SUP

South Tahoe Public Utility District proposes to build a new retaining wall to support a new water tank located on private land. Add the retaining wall via amendment to an existing special use permit for STPUD water system improvements.

Tahoe Mountain communications site - AT&T

The Tahoe Mountain Communications Site Project consists of installation of a new 130-foot tall monopine tower, an equipment shelter, electrical power lines, and access road improvements to increase cell phone coverage for South Lake Tahoe users.

Urban Forest Defense Zone Fuels Reduction Project

Programmatic treatments to address ongoing fuels and forest health needs on NFS urban forest parcels and within WUI Defense Zone.

Winter Recreation and Over Snow Vehicle Travel Management

Designate roads, trails, and areas where OSV use is in accordance with Subpart C of the Travel Management Rule. Create snow-play areas, expand parking lots, and groom motorized and non-motorized trails. Add a Forest Plan Amendment.

Analysis Completed

Carson City to Glenbrook Powerline Rebuild

Rebuild approximately 9.23 mile, 60 kilovolt (kV) transmission line within the existing right-of-way between the Voltaire Substation in Carson City, Nevada and Glenbrook Substation, Douglas County, Nevada.

On Hold

Truckee River First Four Mile Stream Stabilization and Restoration

The proposed project will protect and restore approximately 900 lineal feet of stream bank, riparian and wet meadow habitat. It will also provide conservation and protection for approximately 2,000 lineal feet of river.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.


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