Manti-Lasal National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Manti-La Sal National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan

Forest Plan Revision. The Manti-La Sal National Forest is in the process of revising its Forest Plan pursuant to the 2012 Planning Rule (36CFR219). For more information, visit http:/

Under Analysis

Amendments to Land Management Plans Regarding Sage-grouse Conservation

The Forest Service is considering amending its land management plans to address new and evolving issues arising since implementing sage-grouse plans in 2015. This project is in cooperation with the USDI Bureau of Land Management.

Camp Jackson Watershed Fence Modification

The modification of approximately 1.25 miles of fence that separates the Blanding Municipal Watershed from the Camp Jackson C&H allotment.

Geyser Pass Improvements Project

To improve accessibility to trailheads (Trans La Sa, Clark Lake, and Geyser Pass) along the Geyser Pass Road and to widen the Upper Geyser Pass Road (NFS Road 50071) from Gold Basin Junction to Geyser Pass Trailhead from 18 to 20 feet.

Pack Creek Riparian Protection Fence

Construct about 0.75 miles of fence that extends from the existing Lower Dorry drift fence, west to a natural rock rim barrier just south of the Pack Creek private land inholding. Removing juniper trees and brush where needed along the fence line.

The Pines Habitat Maintenance Prescribed Fire Project

The project proposes to use prescribed fire to maintain historical fire return intervals in Ponderosa pine veg type on 5,935 acres. Improve vegetation and watershed conditions, improve forage production and minimize uncharacteristic wildfire.

Analysis Completed

Bears Ears National Monument Management Plan

FS to serve as a co-lead and cooperating agency to the BLM in development of a management plan for the Shash Jaa unit of the BENM

Center Six Sheep and Goat Allotments EA

Analyzing effects and sustainability of Sheep grazing on six grazing allotments that are currently being grazed annually.

Cottonwood Range Improvements Project

Upgrade existing or install new range improvements in order to improve livestock distribution and movement on the Cottonwood Allotment. This includes about  mile of fence with a cattle guard, 7 new stock ponds, and upgrading 3 developed springs


Abajo Peak Powerline Replacement

Empire Electric is proposing to replace their existing aerial and buried powerline with a new buried line from a private inholding to the Abajo Peak Communication Site.

Kigalia Fence and Water Improvement EA

Relocate and reconstruct about 2 mi. of Kigalia Canyon fence; construct exclosures to protect spring and riparian areas in Kigalia drainage; provide water developments outside of the drainage; and reconfigure the fence around Admin site.

Long Four S&G (Clay Banks, Olsen Bench, Ridley Ridge, & Becks Ridge) Grazing Allotments Analysis

In response to the 1995 Rescission Act, the Ferron Ranger District will complete analysis of grazing activities on the Clay Banks, Olsen Bench, Ridley Ridge, and Becks Ridge Sheep & Goat Grazing Allotments.

Maverick Point Forest Health Project

Project designed to increase the resistance and resilience of vegetation communities & watersheds to climate change stressors, promotes a sustainable/manageable road system, reclaims abandoned uranium mine adits/waste & restores spring/headcut areas.

Olsen Bench-McCadden Hollow Water Development

Develop water resources for the use of livestock grazing distribution.

Rocky Mtn Power South Zone SUP Reissuances

The FS will analyze reissuing two special use permits to PacificCorp/Rocky Mountain Power for maintenance and operation of their Harley Dome to Castleton (Rattlesnake) powerline ROW and their Small Pine Ridge Powerline ROW.

Utah Energy Uranium Exploration - Marcy Look Project

The Manti-La Sal National Forest, Moab/Monticello Ranger District, proposes to authorize Utah Energy Corporation to drill up to 76 exploration holes in their Marcy Look project area. The area is located on unpatented mining claims on Elk Ridge.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.