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Mark Twain National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Salem RD Special Use Road Permit enewals:SAL9702,SAL10002,SAL8402,SAL20201,SAL9002,SAL20901,SL10102

Salem RD special Use Road Permit Renewals:SAL10102,SAL9702,SAL10002,SAL8402,SAL20201,SAL9002,SAL20901

Under Analysis

2020 Mighty Star Blowdown Salvage

Address the after-effects of a high wind event that occurred on May 4, 2020. The wind downed and/or damaged trees across approximately 249 acre. The project is proposed to restore the landscape and reduce fuel loading.

2020 Solomon Hollow Prescribed Burn And Cedar Removal

The purpose of the Solomon Hollow Prescribed Burn and Cedar Removal Project is to restore, maintain and enhance the Roubidoux sandstone glades and savanna ecosystem within Solomon Hollow State Natural Area.

Crane Lake High Hazard Dam Safety and Compliance

Special project to address the safety and dam compliance concerns of the current structure.

Disturbance Recovery Project

This project would implement a Forest-wide framework for responding to disturbance events in a timely and consistent manner.


The purpose of the Hazelton project is to improve/restore ecosystems to the structure and composition of the natural communities that fit with historic landscape patterns in the area.

Programmatic Adaptive Restoration of Terrestrial Natural Ecological Resources (PARTNER)on Ava

Adaptive management of 1.1 and 1.2 MPs on the Ava Unit of the ACW RD. Project may include but is not limited to: restoration of glade and other natural communities as defined by the Forest Plan (2005).

Sterling Hollow Dam

Looking at options to modify/remove the dam to lower the risk rating from high to significant or low. Options include but are not limited to: installing monitoring equipment; raise the dam; improve the spillway; lower the dam; and, remove the dam.

Willhite Road Huzzah Creek Crossing Replacement

Replacement of the stream crossing on Willhite Road over Huzzah Creek to improve motorist safety, improve stream health, and allow for the passage of aquatic organisms.

Analysis Completed

AA Highway Pine Thinning Project

Maintain the health, growth and vigor of shortleaf pine stands to support resilient conditions in the future and provide for timber products.

Ava/Cassville/Willow Springs Ranger District Administration Site

This project will provide safe and adequate office space, parking, loading zones, and equipment storage to accommodate district personnel, customers, and district operations, in consideration of the significance of existing historical structures.

Ecosystem Restoration and Hazard Fuels Reduction Project

Update NEPA for prescribed burns that also includes thinning and mechanical treatments. Burning and thinning is proposed to increase and enhance open woodland by increasing the diversity of grasses and forbs, and reducing woody stems and fuel loading

POT41801 Riding for a Reason, Inc. Rec Event SUP

Recreational Event Special Use Permit request .

Site Preparation & Timber Stand Improvement Project

Restore, enhance and maintain structure, composition,and function of natural communities by doing understory and midstory control treatments. Create conditions suitable for successful regeneration of native shortleaf pine in tornado hit areas.

Stone Hill

Improve forest health, maintain and/or enhance habitat for species at-risk, improve watershed condition by addressing unauthorized off-road use of forest areas, and maintain a safe transportation system.

Ten Mile Project

Vegetation management in Ten Mile area (5,820 ac.); prescribed fire & vegetation treatments in Pump Hollow Natural Area (940 ac.); shaded fuel breaks; enhancements at Beaver Lake Recreation Area; maintain wildlife ponds; & transportation management.


2123 Road Improvement Project

The purpose of this project is to improve Kelly Road (Forest Road 2123) to prevent further resource damage.

Audubon Trail and Trailhead Relocation

This project is being proposed to improve the condition of the existing trail.

Private Road Special Use Permit POT372

Landowner requires permit to access property across National Forest System lands. This project is being cancelled because this permit is no longer being pursued.

Special Use Permit SAL229

Landowner requires a permit for the use of National Forest system lands. A letter will be issued to accomplish this; therefore, this project is being cancelled from the SOPA.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.