In order to accomplish the Forest Service mission, our resource specialists identify projects to move the forest closer to the desired future conditions identified in our Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, commonly referred to as the Forest Plan. Project proposals describe the purpose and need for the work and the various alternatives we may have considered and analyzed to choose the most appropriate course of action. A necessary part of the planning for these projects is the environmental analysis and documentation, as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and agency direction.

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) for Nebraska National Forest

The current SOPA Report contains a list of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation. 

Appeals & Litigation

Forest Service managers make many resource management decisions, which may be subject to appeal (request to a higher authority for administrative review of a decision). 

To view our Appeal Responses, please visit the Forest Service Appeal Response page for the Nebraska National Forest and associated units.

To view our Objection Responses, please visit the Forest Service Objection Response page for the Nebraska National Forest and associated units.

Nebraska National Forest Project Archive


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  • Application for Permit to Drill & Surface Plan of Operation Alkali Fed 2-33 & Alkali Fed 3-33

    Drilling of one exploratory oil well to depth of 3750' and one re-entry to 3708'. Re-entry is previous Piggy Wig Well. Includes construction of 950' of new road and 150' x 240' well pad on Alkali Fed 2-33 and 100' x 40' pit on Alakali Fed 3-33.

  • Application to permit to Drill & Surface Plan of Operation Alakali Federal 11-33

    Drilling of one exploratory oil well to depth of 3850 ft. Includes constrution of 140' x 220' well pad.

  • Bessey Complex Drainage, Warehouse, Greenhouse Construction

    Construction of the following facilities: warehouse building, new road intersection at the Road 86B Spur for new shop access, new cooler/concrete slabs near the nursery packing shed, drainage catchment in the recreaton complex and four new greenhouse

  • Bessey Ranger District's Travel Managment Plan Review

    Analysis of the effects of authorizing motorized travel on selected, existing user created routes on the Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest and the Bessey Division of the Nebraska National Forest.

  • Bessey Woody Encroachment Project

    Removing Eastern red cedar from grasslands

  • Black -tailed Prairie Dog Management

    To amend the LRMP to specify a desired range of acres of prairie dog colonies to meet various multiple use objectives, and to identify what actions may be taken if the acreage substantially falls below or exceeds the desired range.

  • Black-tailed Prairie Dog Conservation and Management

    Conserving black-tailed prairie dogs while reducing unwanted prairie dog colonization on adjoining lands using a variety of tools and methods.

  • Blacktail Creek Land Exchange

    A proposed land exchange between the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands and White Ranch near Oelrichs, South Dakota. The purpose of the land exchange is to consolidate landownerships.

  • Buffalo Gap (West Geographic Area) and Oglala National Grasslands Grazing RAMP

    Analyze the grazing allotments on the Oglala NG and Buffalo Gap NG (West GA) to determine the difference between existing conditions and desired conditions, and make adjustments to implement the new Forest Plan direction.

  • Bulge #1-8

    Analyze and disclose environmental effects that may result from implementing one vertical oil and natural gas well. Project includes proposed construction, drilling, completion, production and reclamation.

  • Cain Creek Land Exchange

    A proposed land exchange between The Nature Conservancy, a Not for Profit Corporation and the Forest Service. The primary purpose of the Cain Creek Land Exchange exchange is to consolidate land ownership where private and National Forest System (NFS

  • Cheyenne River Area Range Allotment Management Plan

    Range Allotment Management Plan

  • Development of Powerline Trailhead

    Construct a 1-acre parking lot and trailhead for access to the motorized trail system.

  • East Branch War Creek Crossing

    Construct rock reinforced ford in historic creek crossing, for USFS authorized use only, to reduce environmental impacts, stream degradation, and erosion to complete vegetation management activities.

  • Eastern Pennington County Waterlines and Stock Tanks EA.

    This project proposes 6.37 miles of waterline and twelve water tanks on four grazing allotments in Pennington County, SD on the Wall Ranger District. New tank locations and pipelines will provide reliable water sources and management of resources.

  • Eastern Pennington Waterline Project

    The project proposal includes installing approximately 9 miles of buried pipeline, including 11 permanent stock tanks and 2 meter pits from an existing West River/Lyman-Jones Rural Water Systems, Inc. meter pit on private property.

  • Eastern Red Cedar Encroachment Removal

    Removal of invading eastern red cedar in areas identified on the Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest to improve timber stand and grassland health.

  • FPNG Special Use Road Permits Project

    The Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands, Fort Pierre Ranger District, proposes to issue special use permits on four existing two-track, dirt roads to three private landowners who are land locked by Forest System lands.

  • Ft Randall Fiber Optic Special Use Permit Modification

    Modify existing Special Use Permit to allow the crossing of an additional 4.5 miles of Buffalo Gap National Grassland along the East French Creek Road to replace aging copper facility and improve service

  • Hudson-Meng Water System

    Drilling of a new replacement well

  • Indian Creek Land Exchange

    Propose to Exchange 3801.38 acres of National Grassland in Custer County for 2956.50 acres of land in Pennington County and Jackson County owned by Dakota Partnership of Rapid City SD

  • Ingalls Apiary Permit

    Plaqcement of 10-12 pallets of bee hives (4 hives to pallet) on 12 locations within the Buffalo Gap National Grassland

  • Kelly Land Exchange

    The U.S. Forest Service is proposing to convey 632.95 acres to Don Kelly in exchange for 666.89 acres of private land. The private lands are located in Badlands National Park and would be conveyed to the USA, National Park Service.

  • Lower Booth Dam

    This project is designed to reduce fine fuels before repairing Lower Booth Dam

  • McKelvie Woody Encroachment 2 Project

    The purpose of this project is to restore and or maintain the functional ecological value of the native grasslands and hand-planted forests in the Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest.

  • Motorized Access to Chat Canyon Wildlife Management Area

    Proposes to add 1/2 mile of road to the MVUM for the Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest for the purpose of accessing the Chat Canyon Wildlife Management Area, owned and operated by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

  • Motorized Trail Width Project

    A proposal to designate the existing motorized trails for vehicles 64 inches wide or less. It is currently 50 inches wide or less.

  • Nebraska National Forest Travel Management

    Update: The Forest will produce one EIS with one decision for all affected units. The decision will be made by the Forest Supervisor instead of individual District Rangers, as previously planned.

  • Nebraska State 4-H Camp Special Use Permit Modification

    Modification of the Nebraska State 4-H Camp's Special Use Permit to include the development and use of a zipline as a part of the camps activities.

  • Oglala National Grassland Dam Repairs and Enhancements

    Repair and protect Agate, Rock Bass and Bordgate Reservoirs in order to enhance riparian and pond habitat on the Oglala National Grassland.

  • Pine Ridge Landscape Restoration II

    vegetation treatments on approximately 19,200 acres of Forest Service land within the Pine Ridge Ranger District. Treatments would include prescribed fire, thinning, understory vegetation control, meadow and riparian enhancement.

  • Pine Ridge Landscape Restoration Project

    The project is largely aimed at improving undesired conditions created by the 2006 Spotted Tail Fire and the 2012 West Ash Fire and reducing the threat of stand-replacing wildfires in those few areas not impacted by those large wildfires.

  • Pine Ridge Trail Additions

    construct 4 miles of trails in order to enhance public access and recreational opportunities on the Pine Ridge Ranger District.

  • Prairie Restoration Research Project

    Approximately 50% of the Grassland is now dominated by invasive, cool-season exotic grasses, particularly smooth brome and Kentucky bluegrass. The proposed project aims to identify techniques to restore a dominance of native vegetation on the FPRD.

  • Richland Dam Project

    The proposed action is to install one or two vault restrooms at Richland Dam

  • Richland Dam Repair

    The purpose of this project is to repair years worth of erosion damage done to the grade and spillway which currently is jeopardizing the dam's stability.

  • Roberts Tract Reforestation Project

    The purpose of this project is to reforest the Roberts Tract area of the Pine Ridge Ranger District with ponderosa pine seedlings. This area was hit with two large fires in the past which have changed the landscape from forest to grassland.

  • Roundtop Reforestation Project

    Ther purpose of this project is to reforest the roundtop/eagle eye rock area of the Oglala National Grassland with pine seedlings. This area burned during the 2012 Douthit wildfire.

  • Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest Range Allotment Management Plan

    Determine the difference between existing and desired conditions on all grazing allotments on the SR McKelvie NF and implement grazing strategies to move toward desired conditions as outlined in the Forest Plan.

  • Sand Creek Land Exchange

    The Forest Service proposes a land exchange of approximately 760 acres of national grassland located in Sioux County for 800 acres of land in Sioux and Dawes County owned by Walter Whitcher of Buffalo Gap National Grassland.

  • Sand Creek Russian Olive Project

    Russian olive will be removed mechanically or by hand. All cut trees will be piled and burned.

  • Southwest Fence Relocation and Waterline Project

    Install 3.6 miles of water pipeline with 5 stock tanks, move one existing fence from Lower Booth Dam north of FSR 227 and convert an electric fence to barbwire in the Camp Flat Allotmen all in the southwest corner of the Fort Piere National Grassland

  • Steer Creek Corral Project

    Construct an 8-pen corral at the Steer Creek Campground.

  • Stony Butte Project EA

    Authorize use of prescribed burning and mowing as well as installing additional water sources to improve vegetative composition and structure. Authorize new access routes to fishing ponds and creation of a new parking area.

  • Wall Ranger District Plague Management Project

    The US Forest Service is evaluating the potential use of multiple plague management tools which could be used on the Wall Ranger District to combat plague with the objective of enhancing black-footed ferret habitat, and for public health and safety.

  • West Ash Fire Reforestation Project

    The reforestation and site prep work on 1873 acres on the Pine Ridge RD within the West Ash Fire 2012

  • Western Area Power Administration Right-of-Way Maintenance and Reauthorization Project

    Update vegetation management activities along 278 miles of transmission lines located on NFS lands in Colorado, Nebraska, and Utah. These activities are intended to protect the transmission lines by managing for stable, low growth vegetation.