This page includes information about National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) planning for forest management projects across the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests.

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Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Forest publishes a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year - January, April, July and October. The SOPA provides project, status, and contact information for proposed projects on the forest.

View Nez Perce-Clearwater NFs SOPA reports in PDF or HTM formats

Small NEPA Projects (Categorical Exclusions)

The Nez Perce-Clearwater NFs uses the term “Small NEPA” to refer to proposed projects that qualify for certain Categorical Exclusion categories (see FS Handbook link below). The Scoping Letter below lists multiple projects in order to more efficiently notify the public, and each project will follow NEPA guidelines with its own signed Decision Memo, if appropriate. To comment on any project, please follow the guidelines within the Scoping Letter. For specifics on individual projects, please contact the project proponent listed with each project.

Forest Service Handbook - Categorical Exclusions

  • Small NEPA Scoping Extension Letter (Aug. 5, 2020): Forest Supervisor Cheryl Probert has extended the public scoping period for the Erikson Ridge, Gold Hill, Midnight Star, and South Orogrande projects due to technical difficulties now resolved. Click link to letter for more information.


Pre-Decisional Objection Responses

Objections are written documents submitted by an individual or organization seeking a pre-decisional administrative review of a proposed hazardous fuel reduction project authorized by the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 (HFRA). The public may file objections after an environmental assessment or final environmental impact statement is completed and before a decision document is signed for a project under HFRA. The following links provide access to objection responses related to the Nez Perce and Clearwater National Forests:

Objection Responses for the Nez Perce-Clearwater NFs

Nez Perce Clearwater National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Dixie-Comstock Community Protection Project

Treat vegetation to reduce wildfire risk to the local communities of Dixie and Comstock, and surrounding federal lands. Create fuel breaks and escape routes using a combination of prescribed burning and mechanical treatments, with temporary roads..

Red Siegel

The overall purpose of the Red Seigel project is to improve forest health in stands affected by insects, reduce hazardous fuels and improve public and fire fighter safety, near Elk City, Idaho.

Under Analysis

Abandoned Mine Lands Closures - Forestwide

Permanently close open shafts and/or adits at abandoned mine sites for public safety while maintaining wildlife (bat) habitat and the historical integrity of the sites. Method(s) used to the close sites will vary, depending on the conditions present.

Aerial Detection Survey Incorporated Roadside Maintenance

Fall and leave, or fall and remove, any dead, dying, or structurally unsound trees within the project area. Felling/removal is proposed for up to a maximum of 165 feet (50 meters) from either edge of the road surface, unless otherwise indicated.

Bagley Creek Placer Exploration

Excavate test pits (up to 10) a maximum of 12 by 12 feet down to bedrock. Processing done onsite. Water drawn from Bagley Creek. Temporary road (200 feet)that crosses Bagley Creek to be constructed to access site. Project in Mallard IRA.

Black Sands #1 Placer Exploration

Excavate 4 trenches to test existing placer gravels. FSR 643A accesses project area. Install a culvert and harden a stream crossing. Samples processed onsite; water from Sand Creek/small stream; water/waste discharged into open trench. No camping.

Black Skull Prescribed Burn

Use low/mod intensity fire over 5-10 yrs to encourage early seral veg & reduce insect/disease-caused fuel buildup. Project area 19 Burn Units (70k ac) w/ 43 Ignition Areas (22k ac). Fire allowed to spread in Burn Units to create mosaic on landscape.

Blanco Creek Exploration

Proposal is exploratory drilling on 10 sites (2 holes per site) in the Blanco creek area. Access to sites by FS roads, old logging roads and two temp rds (735 ft./360 ft.) Water to be drawn from small creek or Ditch creek. Samples processed offsite.

Blue Ribbon Test Drilling

Goldski, LLC, proposes to exploratory drill to test for gold values to determine if valuable minerals exist to warrant further development of a mining operation.

Castle Creek Restoration: Post Assisted Log Structures and Beaver Dam Analogs

Install up to 10 beaver dam analogs/post assisted log structures to raise water table, access the floodplain and transport fine sediment. Work would be done by hand using hydraulic post driver, chainsaw, hand tools and use native and local plants.

Cherry Exploration Drilling

The claimant proposes exploratory drilling on the Red River RD to test for gold values. The project area is in previously disturbed and undisturbed areas in the Kirk's Fork drainage. The proposal is for 4 drill sites with a max of 2 drill holes/site.

Clear Creek Integrated Restoration Project

The Moose Creek District proposes to use a combination of timber harvest, pre-commercial thinning, prescribed fire, reforestation, and road system improvements to achieve desired age class and species distributions and to improve watershed health.

Dead Laundry

Proposal of vegetation management activities to reduce hazardous fuels, meet the need to improve forest health and resiliency in concurrence with desired conditions and objectives identified in the Forest Plan, and harvest wood products.

Erikson Ridge Exploration Drilling

Conduct exploration drilling operations south of Orogrande, Idaho. The proposal is for a total of 62 drill sites. Only one site would be active at a time. Access primarily on Forest Service Roads. Access also requires approx. 3300 ft. of temp road.

Flint Creek Culvert Replacement

Replacement of two undersized culverts on Flint Creek and tributary on FS Road 9812 with open bottom arch-plate culverts to allow fish to pass at all flow levels. Move trail/trailhead 100 feet from culvert site to aid floodplain restoration.

Gold Dust Mines

Claimants to test lodes by drilling 10 core holes/site (4 sites) w/ portable drill. Each hole reclaimed upon completion. Drilling water brought in. Claimants to remove excess wood, metal debris, etc. from three previous operations. No rd. construct.

Green Horse

Proposal of vegetation management activities to meet the need to improve forest health on stands affected by insect & disease, reduce hazardous fuels, improve public & firefighter safety, and provide resource outputs to maintain community stability.

Hisloc Fuels

Fuel reduction near the Lochsa Historical Ranger Station and Wilderness Gateway Campground.

Leanna Meadow Restoration

Construct meadow-spanning beaver dam analog-type structures within Leanna Meadow to improve its water holding capacity (water retention) and slow water release through spring and summer. Slash et al to be harvested w/in 50 ft. of the meadow edge.

Limber Elk

The overall purpose of the Limber Elk project is to improve forest health in stands affected by insect & disease and to reduce hazardous fuels adjacent to Elk City, Idaho; in Idaho County..

Lost Toboggan Prescribed Burn

Use low/mod intensity fire to encourage early seral veg & reduce insect/disease-caused fuel buildup. Project area 22 Burn Units (56k ac) w/ 68 Ignition Areas (9k ac). Fire allowed to spread in Burn Units to create mosaic on landscape.

Lucky Strike Placer

Approve Plan of Operations as proposed or require changes or additions to minimize adverse effects. Excavate up to 4 trenches in 4 areas (16 total). Trenches reclaimed once testing completed for the site. Only 1 active trench open at a time.


Authorize a (20-year) Forest Road Special Use Permit to Mr. McBee, to allow him use of motorized vehicles to access his private property. No road work or vegetation maintenance is being proposed with this project.

McGuire Creek Suction Dredge

Conduct suction dredging/placer exploration in McGuire Creek, with 4 foot diameter test holes every 100-125 feet down to bedrock with 4 inch suction dredge. Reclamation done concurrently.

Midnight Star Placer Exploration

Conduct placer exploration by excavating up to 20 trenches (4 feet wide x 16 feet long, down to bedrock). No road construction/reconstruction is proposed. Concurrent reclamation of trenches would be done. Only one trench would be open at a time.

Musselshell Creek Restoration: Beaver Dam Analogs Phase 3

Installation of up to 24 beaver dam analogs and post assisted log structures along 1.5 miles stretch. Use local vegetation hydraulic post drives. Intent to mimic natural conditions created by beaver dams, raise water table, meadow recovery.

Musselshell Meadow Fence Reroute

Reroute part of exclosure fence surrounding Musselshell Meadow. Relocate sections of fence in areas inundated by water or covered with veg. to drier sites. Constructed by hand with hand tools.

Newsome Fuels

Treat 220 acres (21 units) within 300 feet around private property by hand thinning, hand piling/burning and raising canopy base heights. Units to be maintained over the long term. Eight units (73 ac) in Silver Creek-Pilot Knob IRA may be dropped.

Nez Perce National Forest Travel Management

Develop a travel management plan and map to comply with the National Travel Management Rule. This project would designate motor vehicle use on roads, trails or areas on the Nez Perce National Forest, and does not include over-the-snow vehicles.

Nez Perce-Clearwater NFs Forest Plan Revision

The Nez Perce and Clearwater National Forests are proposing to revise their two, individual forest plans as a single forest plan for the administratively combined Forests using the 2012 National Forest System Land Management Planning regulations.

North Fork Aspen 3

Treatment of 4 mature aspen clones (43 acres) through cutting or girdling mature aspen, competing conifers, and overmature shrubs in treatment unit to increase wildfire resiliency, create wildlife habitat, and promote healthy aspen clone development.

North Fork Ponderosa Pine 2 - Pot Mountain

Non-commercial slash (6051 ac; 3 units) around retention trees (Ponderosa/Western white/Whitebark pine, Western larch). No slashing in RHCA. Treat 20 aspen clones (48 ac) in units. Pburn 3 units (4 ignition areas). Project in Pot Mtn IRA.

North Fork Ponderosa Pine Restoration

Prescribe burn 2185 acres (38 units) along North Fork of the Clearwater River. Non-commercial thin/slash 96 acres (parts of 8 units); hand-pile/burn the slash before pburning. Thin/pile would not be done in RHCAs. Pburns allowed to creep into RHCAs.

O'hara Bridge 651-01 Replacement

Replace existing 74 foot two-span bridge with 134 foot channel spanning bulb-tee bridge designed to handle 100 year flows. Current bridge has increased risk of failure and impedes movement of large debris.

Oro Vega Suction Dredging

Approve Plan of Operations as proposed or require changes or additions to minimize adverse environmental effects. Two sections up to 150ft L & 5ft-6ft W to be sampled in Leggett Crk using a highbanker suction dredge. Reclamation done concurrently.

Palouse Bridge Replacements

Replace existing timber stringer bridges crossing Meadow Crk and Graves Meadow with new concrete or steel girder bridges. Existing bridge decks, abutments and back walls are in decay, and both bridges restrict flow during normal annual runoff.

Pete King Wildlife Restoration

The purpose of the Pete King Wildlife Restoration project is to manage vegetation to improve elk summer and winter range and restore the resiliency of both forest and non-forest vegetation relied upon by wildlife.

Pinnacle Creek Crossing

The project would construct a low water ford across Pinnacle Creek to minimize livestock impacts to the stream and its banks. Rock would placed to cover the existing stream width and extend onto the banks to create a rocked approach on either side.

Purdue Creek Drift Fence

Installation of approx. 1 mile 3 stranded barb 4th strand barbless drift fence to enclose allotment boundary that has recently changed. Use hand drills to help dig holes for posts. Cattleguard may be installed and would require backhoe and excavator.

Rex Placer Exploration

The Salmon River Ranger District proposes to approve Robert Martin’s proposal to excavate 17 placer test pits in the Gold Lake Creek and Ozark Creek drainages.

Richardson Suction Dredging

Approve Plan of Operations as proposed or require changes or additions to minimize adverse environmental effects. Three 300ft L sections of the Red River to be sampled 3 times perpendicular to section L (9 samples total) using a 4 in. suction dredge.

Section 16

Vegetation treatment in the Parachute Hill area on the Powell Ranger District.

Siegel Creek Placer Exploration

Approve Plan of Operations as proposed or require changes or additions to minimize adverse environmental effects. Excavate trenches in one area (~2 ac). Construct crossing across Siegel Crk for access. Recirc water from 2 sumps. Camp at project site.

Stickley Suction Dredging

Approve Plan of Operations as proposed or require changes or additions to minimize adverse environmental effects. One section up to 400ft L to be sampled in the Red River using a 5 in. suction dredge with a 4 in. intake. Reclamation done concurrently

Turner Placer Exploration

Approve Plan of Operations as proposed or require changes or additions to minimize adverse environmental effects. Test pits along Moose Crk at upper limit of previously mined area. Rd 307A repair work at washout and a temp road built to access sites.

Whitebark Pine Planting

Whitebark pine planting in Idaho Roadless Areas where there have been recent fires. Seedlings come from forest and are resistant to blister rust. Planting will be done with hand tools, and all travel on foot in roadless areas.

Analysis Completed

Elk Creek Box Culverts

A culvert on FSR 382 would be replaced by two concrete box culverts. The District Ranger determined the project was road repair and maintenance, per CE category 31.12(4). The project was completed during the October 2017 Small NEPA IDT meeting.

End of the World

The End of the World Project south of Grangeville, ID is approximately 49,565 acres, and includes tributaries to the Salmon and South Fork Clearwater Rivers. This project will address forest health and hazardous fuel concerns in the project area.

Hungry Ridge Restoration Project

The overall purpose is to: improve forest health; reduce potential risk to private property; maintain & improve wildlife habitat; and improve watershed conditions. Timber outputs will be used to offset treatment costs & support economic structure..

Little Boulder

Little Boulder is a vegetation, fuels, and watershed management project, located in the Little Boulder and Hog Meadows watersheds; all headwaters of the Potlatch River.

Stray Creek

Harvest and reforestation of stands in in the Stray Creek drainage on the Lochsa Ranger District.

Walde Creek Culvert Replacement

Replace existing undersized culvert with 10 by 96 foot long structural plate arch. Current culvert is undersized, and at risk of failure. New culvert will improve fish passage, and restore natural stream flow. Would require temp. road closure.

Waterline Placer Exploration

Excavate existing placer gravels/tailings in a previously mined area. Material processed onsite; water taken from an existing 180-foot x 160-foot impoundment. Construct 5 settling ponds for process water/waste material. Personnel to camp onsite.

White Pine

Commercial harvest & non-commercial fuels treatments to improve species/age class diversity & forest health and reduce potential fire behavior in WUI. Build temp. rds. Site prep. Reforest harvest units. Road Maintenance for watershed improvement.

On Hold

Allison Creek Dam / Pond Improvements

The earthen fill at the blown out dam and outlets from the dam and ponds are failing, and the stream's flow is seeping through eroding existing material.

Devine (Pioneer) Exploration

The Red River District proposes to approve the use of ATVs for overland travel for access to prospect for mineral values.

Hazard Tree Removal

Several decades of accumulated MPB mortality and disease have created serious fuels and public safety concerns. Roads identified for treatment are major arterials are major arterials in the event of emergency or natural disaster.

Heritage #2 Placer Exploration

The Red River Ranger District proposes to approve Tim Hoskins’ proposal to excavate 17 placer test pits in the Newsome Creek drainage area.

Heritage Gulch Placer Exploration

The Red River District Ranger proposes to allow the claim operator to conduct placer testing in the Newsome Creek drainage by digging 12-15, 10' x 10' or 10' x 12' test pits.

Musselshell Meadow Diversion Ditch and Headgate Removal

Remove the 0.25-mile legacy diversion ditch and associated concrete headgate just south of Musselshell Work Center to improve the wetland and help restore wet meadow habitat in Musselshell Meadow.

Peasley Creek Stream Restoration

Proposed activities would primarily focus on instream habitat below the culvert and substrate conditions in the culvert. Work would include increasing the pool depth directly below the culvert.

Pioneer Gulch Placer Exploration

The Salmon River Ranger District proposes to approve David Tisch’s proposal to excavate up to 22 test pits for the purpose of testing placer gravels for mineral values in the Ozark Creek drainage.

Southwest Butte Boundary Fence

Construct let-down style fence to restrict livestock drifting from Fiddle Crk Allotment into Allison-Berg Allotment. Fence to be constructed in sections, where most effective, along an approx. 3 mile boundary between allotments.


Eastside Allotment Management Planning Project

Continue to permit livestock grazing by incorporating adaptive management strategies on 8 active allotments within the project area, and close 7 allotments.

Lost Bench Placer Exploration

This proposal is for the excavation of 10 test pits for the purpose of testing placer gravels for mineral values.

Moose Creek Project

Project would include timber harvest on approximately 1,600 acres, fuels reduction, and associated road work in the West Fork Potlatch River subwatershed.

New Cingular Wireless Communication Site Lease

A Communication Use Lease would be authorized for AT&T to construct/maintain a new communication site (< .10 acres) incl. a 150 ft. cellular tower to serve the FirstNet Nationwide Safety Public Broadband Network. Access to the site on FS Road 5623.

Newsome Placer Exploration

The Red River Ranger District proposes to approve Press Thomas’ proposal to excavate up to 12 test pits for the purpose of testing placer gravels for mineral values in the Newsome Creek drainage area.

Orogrande Summit Road Project

The road surface is currently rutted and difficult to drive, and several culverts are degraded.

Shadow Creek Exploration (Bear Track 2)

The Salmon River District proposes to approve the excavation of 6 test pits for the purpose of testing placer gravels for mineral values.

Silver Lode Exploration

The North Fork Ranger District proposes to approve the claimant’s proposal to excavate seven to ten test pits to expose vein material to test for mineral values.

Steamboat Placer Exploration

The Salmon River District proposes to approve the excavation of up to 50 test pits for the purpose of testing placer gravels for mineral values.

Sweet 50 Exploration

The purpose of the proposed action is to test for gold values on unpatented mining claims. The need is to determine if sufficient quantities of valuable minerals exist to warrant further exploration or development.

Upper Lochsa Land Exchange

The Forest Service (FS) is considering a land exchange with Western Pacific Timber. The FS would receive approx. 40,000 acres of WPT land in the upper Lochsa River drainage and WPT would recieve an equal value of Forest Service land in north Idaho.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.