Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which is then implemented on the ground.

The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. Projects that are "Developing Proposal" or "Under Analysis" may have an opportunity for public collaboration and input on the proposed actions and the analysis being conducted.


The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) are potential future projects and current projects under analysis:

Ottawa National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

2021 North Zone Special Use Permits Authorization

Proposal to issue four new Special Use Permits to separate private landowners to access their private property across National Forest land using existing and new travel ways. Permits would set terms/conditions for use up to 10 years starting in 2021.

Under Analysis

2021 North Zone Fiber Optic Installation Project

Fiber optic placement. Will use the vibratory and/or static plow and directional bore methods. The fiber will be placed entirely within road right of way. Best management procedures will be followed to prevent and minimize erosion and sediment runoff

2130 M Trail Association - Special use road request

proposal for a special use road permit that covers Forest Road 2130-M for use and maintenance to access private property. Approximately 0.45 miles of road.

Bergland-Presque Isle Vegetation Management Project

Vegetation management project with associated resource projects.

Black River Harbor Dock Improvement II Project

The project seeks to replace approximately 1,000 feet of dock infrastructure in the Black River Harbor Recreation Area. The dock has exceeded the structural life expectancy and is requiring extensive maintenance and repair to provide for public use.

Bridge Replacement

Replace 4 bridges that have deteriorated with time, and currently are posted for reduced load limits.

Forest Road 3470 Mile Post 5.23 Bridge Replacement

The FR3470 MP 5.23 Bridge spanning the South Branch Paint River has deteriorated with time, and currently is posted for reduced load limits.

Iron River New Use - FR3460

The proposal is to issue a long-term special use permit to landowners for use and maintenance of FR 3460 and other existing roads approx. 0.83 miles in length on NFS lands in order to access private property.

Ontonagon County Telephone Company Fiber Optics Project

Ontonagon County Telephone Company is planning on placing a new fiber optic line in Ontonagon County, MI. Approximately 1.2 miles of fiber optic cable will be placed within the road right-of-way along Ottawa National Forest land.

Sun Lake Vegetation Management Project

Project proposal includes activities associated with vegetation management, wildlife habitat, fire and fuels, old growth classification, aquatic resource, transportation system, designated public motorized access and non-motorized trails, and gravel.

Tepee Lake Vegetation Management Project

The Tepee Lake VMP is located on the Kenton and Iron River Ranger Districts, in Houghton, Iron, and Ontonagon Counties, Michigan. The project area includes approximately 45,940 acres, of which about 33,021 acres are National Forest System lands.

Analysis Completed

Drumloid Vegetation Management Project

The project proposal includes vegetation treatments (est. 200 MMBF), hazardous fuels reduction, refinements to transportation system and old growth classification, wildlife and aquatic habitat improvement (including WSR treatments) and gravel pits.

On Hold

Bergland New Use - FR696,696-C

Access is requested to utilize Forest system and non-system travelways to their private land.


Michigan & Wisconsin Realty Land Exchange Project

Michigan & Wisconsin Realty, LLC, has proposed a land exchange with the Ottawa. The proposed land exchange includes approximately 259.38 acres of non-federal land and 218.25 acres of National Forest System lands.

Silver Mountain Radio Repeater Project

This project proposes to place a new radio repeater tower on Silver Mountain replacing the Greenland radio tower, which is no longer working properly.

Tepee Lake Vegetation Management Project

Project #59633 has been cancelled as it is a unintentional duplicate entry. Those interested in information related to this project should refer to project #59634. This duplicate project will remain on the SOPA for one quarter, and then removed.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.