Project planning follows Forest Service regulations (36 CFR 220), which are based on and are consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations, and USDA regulations. For those not familiar with NEPA or the CEQ regulations, CEQ published a 45-page Citizens Guide that provides information on how citizens can get involved.

The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) provides a list of proposals that will begin or are undergoing environmental analysis and documentation so that people can become aware of and indicate their interest in specific proposals.

Ouachita National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Glade Restoration

Glade restoration by cedar removal

North Fork Saline Project

Watershed Level Management.

Red Slough Water Control Structure Installation

The addition of two new water control structures (consisting of screw gates with 12" steel pipes and wire mesh panels) within Red Slough Wildlife Management Area to facilitate drainage and allow for water level manipulation within Units 30W and 31.

Wigley Access

Temporarily allow private land owner to utilize existing woods road to haul timber off their lands.

Under Analysis

2017 Quartz Nominations

2017 Quartz Nominations

A45 Rifle Range Road Relocation Project

Relocate approximately 789 feet of National Forest System Road due to collapsed saturated roadbed.

Billy Creek Prescribed Fire

Prescribed burn approximately 8,778 acres with 6.5 miles of associated fireline construction.

Blackjack Fire Salvage Reforestation

Mechanical site preparation, shortleaf pine tree seedling planting, and subsequent crop tree release on approximately 175 acres of an area that was salvage logged.

Blue Mountain Walk-in Turkey Hunting Area Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Chainsaw felling of midstory trees less than 10 inches diameter breast height (dbh)on approximately 295 acres and prescribed burning of the entire 325 acre project area.

Flatte Access Special Use Permit

The Mena-Oden Ranger District proposes to issue a decision memo authorizing use and maintenance of a driveway off of Forest Service Road E30.

Fulton Branch

Watershed entry including timber harvest, prescribed burning, wildlife enhancement activities.

Hochatown Wildland-Urban Interface

Timber harvests, fuel reduction activities, and wildlife management activities on 6,250 acres of National Forest System land.

Kates Creek

Ten year watershed entry project including timber harvest, wildlife habitat improvement, fuels management and invasive species management.

Lawrence Access

Authorizing use and maintenance of a driveway off Road N37B.

Lennox Prescribed Fire

Prescribe burn 9,400 acres on three burn units; construct 11 miles of fireline.

Mona Lisa Turquoise Mine

The Forest Service proposes to allow mineral exploration that would occur within Avant Mining's existing mining claim.

New Mines

New quartz mines are proposed on the JWF.

North Cooper Creek Sanitation

Sanitation harvest approximately 75 acres of loblolly pine to reduce spread of Ips engraver beetles in Compartment 1881 stand 4.

North Cooper Creek Sanitation Reforestation

Mechanical site preparation, shortleaf pine planting, and subsequent crop tree release on approximately 75 acres.

OQC-282 Quartz Contract

The Forest Service proposes to allow quartz exploration and mining to occur on a proposed 21 acre tract

Richardson Bottoms Farm Bill

Thinning to improve forest health.

South Fourche Valley Project

Watershed level management and harvest.

Test holes for City of Hot Springs water line

City of Hot Springs is investigating the installation of a water line along a transect from the lake to east of the dam. It is expected that 12 test holes will be needed within the forest boundary. Tree removal may be needed.

Walker Mountain Farm Bill Thinning

Commercially thin approximately 1,285 acres of shortleaf pine and mixed shortleaf pine-oak stands to promote resiliency to insects and disease.

Walker Mountain Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Wildlife opening maintenance, pond construction, and approximately 1,600 acres of prescribed burning.

Analysis Completed

2019 Mena Oden Farm Bill Thinning Project

Thinning to promote resiliency to insect and disease infestation on 262 acres in the Three Creeks Watershed.

2019 Silviculture Activities

Manual release of pine seedlings and saplings using chainsaws on approximately 245 acres.

Cedar Creek

The Mena Oden Ranger district proposes to move the Cedar Creek Project area towards the desired conditions as described in the Revised Forest Plan. The Cedar Creek Project Area includes approximately 7,124 acres 1,418 of which are privately owned.

Mount Ida Airport Expansion

The Forest Service proposes to allow the Mount Ida Airport to amend their special use permit to expand their current navigation clear zone through timber harvest on 15 acres of National Forest System lands

Oklahoma RD Non-native Invasive Plant Species Project

To control known NNIPS infestations and future occurrences using a combination of manual, mechanical, cultural, and chemical treatment methods.

OQC-274 Prospecting Permit

Quartz exploration and mining operations on 16.25 acres.

OQC-278 Fisher Mountain Project

The purpose of this project is to allow the extraction of quartz as required by 36 CFR 228C.

Pine Mountain Farm Bill Thinnings

Commercial thinning of 963 acres of loblolly pine plantations in Management Area 22.

Road 177E

ERFO road relocation on FSR 177E (Collier Springs Road) to reduce erosion.

On Hold

Choctaw-Kiamichi Prescribed Burn Project

Prescribed burning activities on burn blocks from one to 5,000 acres in size across the 221,800-acre Choctaw and Kiamichi units of the Oklahoma Ranger District.


Albert Pike Recreation Area Project

Proposed changes to Albert Pike Recreation Area management including: Loops A,B,C open seasonally for day use; Decommission Loop D; reroute access road to private cabins; Loop A/B bathhouse open seasonally; Loop C bathhouse closed.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.