Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground.

  • Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) - The quarterly summary of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation.

The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. 

Prescott National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Arizona Public Service Amendment #1 to Master Special Use Permit PNF142

Amendment to the Master SUP issued to APS for all electric transmission and distribution lines up 33 kV capacity is necessary to include the new underground distribution line within the C120 road prism as part of APS%u2019s electric service area.

AZ Public Service (APS) ROW Vegetation Management with Herbicides

FS must decide whether to allow APS to include using herbicides as a method to manage vegetation on existing APS transmission ROW within five National Forests in Arizona.

Chino Landscape Restoration Project

This project will encompass a series of actions targeting watershed function, wildlife habitat, vegetation conditions, and natural fire regime.

Gila Chub Habitat Improvement Project

Improve pool habitat by sediment removal, instream structures, exclosure fences, and removal of juniper tree encroachment in three sites.

Greater Prescott Trails Mid-Term Projects #2

This project will analyze and evaluate the existing and proposed motorized trail system for the Greater Prescott Trails Plan project area focusing primarily on the Seven Mile Gulch area.

Hassayampa Landscape Restoration Project

The Bradshaw Ranger District, Prescott National Forest, is proposing to reduce hazardous and excess fuels and restore fire to its natural role on approximately 246,000 acres of National Forest System Lands.

Juniper Materials Pit, Free Use Disposal Mineral Material Lease to Yavapai County Supervisors

Free Use Disposal Mineral Materials Lease to the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors for the operation, maintenance, and concurrent environmental reclamation of the Juniper Materials Pit located on the Prescott National Forest (PNF).

Pine Creek Mining River Bend Placer Project

This project would include gold mining operations on approximately 48 acres (10 acres in the Red Hill #2 placer mining claim (PMC) and 38 acres in the Riverbend PMC), with an additional 4 acres for processing facilities, settling ponds, and roads.

Prescott College Academic Outfitter and Guide Priority Use (2015-2025)

The Forest Service proposes to authorize Prescott College to conduct academic courses including new student orientation, adventure education, biology, human ecology, natural history, physical geography, field ecology, environmental conservation

Yavapai Ranch Reciprocal Easements Project

Exchange reciprocal easements on approximately 18 mile of road.

Analysis Completed

Verde Trails and Access Plan

The Verde Ranger District of the Prescott National Forest proposes improving the Forest trail system on the Verde Ranger District to include 118 miles of non-motorized trail routes including new construction and adoption of some social trails.

On Hold

AAM Priority River Rafting Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permit

The Prescott National Forest proposes to issue to the outfitter/guide known as AAM a 5-year priority special use permit for a river rafting outfitter guide operation on the Verde River and Verde Wild and Scenic River Segments.

Blue Bell/Wolf Creek Allotments Range NEPA

An analysis to determine whether to re-authorize grazing on the Blue Bell/Wolf Creek Allotment.

Jack's Project

The Project would authorize mining placer deposits from approximately 11 acres for up to 20 years. Mining would be conducted with suction dredges, sluice boxes, dry washers, high bankers, metal detectors, gold pans, and hand tools

Reissuance of a Water Development Special Use Permit to Frank and Wanita Melluzzo

The Prescott National Forest is proposing to reissue a 10-year special use permit for 2 water pipelines, 1 springbox, 600 gallon water tank, and cattle exclosure fence.

Verde Adventures, Inc. Outfitter Guide Priority River Boating Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permit

The PNF proposes to issue to Verde Adventures, Inc. a 10-year priority special use permit for a river boating outfitter guide operation on the Verde River.


Eastside Ore Reserve - Gold Basin Supplement

This project would include placer gold mining operations on approximately 6 acres of land. Mining activities include mining out two deposits (Pit # 3 and # 4), developing an access road off FR 9262E, and a stockpile site. This is a 15-year project.

Forestwide PNF Vaquero Outfitters Outfitter/Guide Special Use Permit

The Prescott National Forest proposes to reissue an existing priority special use permit for outfitting and guiding (Hunting) for a period of 10 years.Guided hunting activities can occur year round, majority of the use occurs during the fall hunts.

ISP pole installation at the Highland Center

The pole will be placed at the base of a juniper tree, and conduit will be trenched 3-4 inches deep for approximately 650ft from the Center to the juniper. Project area/disturbance = 0.03 acres.

Prescott College State-Wide Outfitter and Guide Priority Use

We propose to authorize a State-wide O&G Permit to Prescott College to conduct academic field courses year-round for a period of ten years. This is currently authorized under a existing permit on the Prescott, Coconino, Kaibab, A/S, and Coronado NFs.

Rim Country Bowhunters Special Use Permit

The Forest Service, Prescott National Forest, is proposing to issue a 10-yr special use permit to the Rim Country Bowhunters Association for their existing site located off Cherry Rd in Camp Verde, AZ.

West Mingus Avenue Project

The Prescott National Forest proposes to develop a trailhead and system of trails, in coordination with the City of Cottonwood, along FR493 (West Mingus Avenue) in the Cottonwood and Clarkdale Area.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.